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Having Mixed Feelings In Crossing Over A Spirit?


I am a sensitive and an empath. I've crossed over only three spirits so far but there is something different about crossing over this fourth spirit that I am trying to cross over. I know that I am about to do the right thing by helping the spirit but I can't shake off the feeling that something bad will happen after I help cross over the spirit. I don't know why but I just do and normally I am confident in what I can do. I also know that it has something to do with the black masses that I deal with on a daily biases. (If you would like more about what I had experiences with the black masses it'll be on profile page.) Anyway, it all started before the spirit came to me for help in the first place. Every now and then I'll have images that'll come unexpected;after I see them its like I have to draw what I just saw. If I don't it'll bug me through out the day. I am not the best drawer in the world let me tell you. Sorry, getting a bit side tracked here. Anyway, well I got an image of the top hat man black mass (FYI he is the leader of the black masses.) along with other black masses that were with him. After I got done drawing I knew that something was up just didn't know what and I took that as warning of a sort. As the days went by and I started to feel like they were watching me very closely. It was an eerie feeling. Not long after that started to happen I had the spirit asking me to help it cross over to the other side. I told it that I would help it. Well the next day after the spirit showed up at my house I was driving normal day I am used to the black masses running in front of my vehicle but it was different though. There was a lot more than one of them running in front of me and I could feel their anger towards me. That was one of warnings that they gave me to back off from the spirit I've been trying to help cross over. The other was a nightmare which I will not talk about. Plus they just don't like me because I help the lost souls that want my help to cross them over.

I really need help in what I need to do about this situation. Should I go ahead and help the spirit and ignore the bad feeling I am getting or do something else entirely? Please help me!

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-03)
The bible says ghost are familiar spirits they are demons in disguise. If you read saul raised Samuels ghost wait there is a contradiction here not to offend anyone the bible is written by man. I am saying the truth that is all. I apologize if I make anyone mad that's what I read and I found a contradiction another one for example god said we live to 120 years in one of the bibles. In the other bible it says some lived over 433 to 438 years. That is why I asked if ghost are all demons or human spirits.
Jimmiejam (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-24)
Not all spirits are evil, but it would make sense that most of what we encounter on this earth that is paranormal is, because evil has more to gain from taking our souls.

Whereas good is fighting its own battle, and the evil we encounter sneaks in under the radar, scaring us so much in hope that we just comply in fear and don't call for help.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-23)
Off topic do you think all spirits are demons in disguise? I read and been told that demons impersonate ghost even if spirits sound friendly.
Jimmiejam (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Hi Midnight, when it comes to the paranormal, always follow your gut instinct, because it's telling you the real answer for anything. I have a suspicion that in this case it may be a demon trying to cross over, and I'm not too sure what would happen if it did (aside from a very angry mob of these black masses coming at you, and it may in this case be looked at as a sin by our angelic half too), or even where it would go. But if it went to heaven and tore loose I can't think of a worse place for a demon to be. It's bad enough we are so close to them at times.

But of course I may be wrong and this is all speculation, the most I can be sure of is it would be a bad thing to do, and unfortunately you have already said you would help it so it has your word, which would probably make it angrier. Although I'd rather deal with one angry entity than everything else lol.

Good luck and pray to God or Saint Micheal for protection if needs be.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Hi midnightrose, Always go with your gut and don't let your mind get in the way. If it feels wrong or gives you a reason to doubt pay attention. You need to test or quiz it first and find out more about it.

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