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It started 11 years 8 mths and 16 days, the mother of a friend, close

Friend of more the 50yrs, passed away 9/11/2001. My friend's mother came to me at night, four mths after her passing, to ask me if I wanted a psychic phenomenon? Telling me it was a secret, not to tell any one; it was during the twilight hours of morning, like 3am, I did say a word in response, I was held in dumb founded. Then without a warning a live personal friend, one I trusted, making statement that she willed herself to me and I was going to exchange places with her.

Every night from that time on this shadow has first taken my breathe knocked on my head board, attached herself to me by means of monitoring my every move, 24/7 and she is still in my core, vortex,

In my crown, in my mind constantly trying to change my thoughts, and wanting to find out where I get my thoughts, information from. This is horrifying, the attacks have caused bruises on my arms, the attacks

Also are to my veins, to my heart, she screams in my head, she won't

Stop, telling me she wants this and I can not prove anything, threats

Are real and cause for concern to me as my family at times hears

Me scream out loud to leave. Now what I do know is that she is evil

As long as she is in me she interrupts everyone who has tried to assist me in ridding my space of her. This energy is sucking my crown,

My heart my strength from my core of life, going on with this life of having her attack, attach me and my family during the day and all night, hearing her talk, drill my family is terrorism to me. There are many things I have done, I first got down and prostrated asking God to forgive me for any sins I committed toward anyone, I brought it all to God. Daily, I went for exorcism, to priest, spiritual directors, doctors, and psychics, and John of God for distant healing.

None have gotten rid of her, even my son has tried and gotten stuck in her constant drillings to keep taps on my life. That means that there is nothing I do that she doesn't watch. All day in my head, pounding, talking to everyone that I come in contact with. When I would call or write to someone for help she would call them by name talk to them before and convince them that she is my psychic guide.

I know that she is not me even tho she is me, I have a separate life

And I do need to work for income, I am currently 75 years old and the thought of having this evil living and sucking me until I die is more then I can conceive living with. The torture of hearing the screams from many others, the way she uses my family to keep me under her dome

Of hell is just too terrifying. It has been a experience from hell, with her a vampire, psychic lice, rape, constant pain. Terror at night, not able to rest, sleep, pray, without being badgered is something I live with and my only talk to God is please help this person before I die, I do not want her left in my life, home, or my family after I die. Please is there anyone who can help rid of a living lost soul? This is true so help me God.

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Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-24)
Ms. Ann,

Thru love, in love, with love, I say No harm is allowed to None. I place you in Love's arms, love's care, where no negative source is there. You will feel a release and the negative source cannot return. It is going to the light and dissolving. It is no longer able to communicate or cause pain in any way. It simply ceases to exist. Its power is removed.

There is no need to do anything special, all we all need is love.

Love to you,
Joni ❤ ❤ ❤
annfpel (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Hi Thulsa,
Your comments are well received and I intend to use your advice. I do know what I go through each time I write, talk to try getting assistance. I have prayed for help from God, bring the right person, someone that would not be afraid. What I do not accept is that this energy is stronger than God or His Will.
I do appreciate your time and kindness to lend a hand. I will keep you in my prayers and let you know what happens.
midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
I hope that this will help you out and I am sorry that your in this situation. I hope that it will get better for you. Love and light always.
Step 1
Ask the presence to leave you. Talking to the spirit will alert it that you are aware of its presence and want it to leave. In some cases, the spirit will simply leave you after this is done. Some spirits will resist, and it will be necessary to announce by whose authority they are cast out, such as in the name of God or your higher power.

Step 2
Anoint the infested area. Anointing the area can be done using many different items. Oil, water and salt are commonly sprinkled in an infected area to rid it of supernatural forces. Try lighting candles and incense, as fire is a natural and spiritual cleansing element. Spread the smoke of these around the area you are removing the spirits from. Having these items blessed by a spiritual leader or pastor may help to empower them all the more.
Step 3
Pray that the spirit leave. Meditation and prayer is one way to get in touch with the supernatural realm. It is believed that prayer can help send messages to your ancestors who have passed before you, and they will ask the spirits to leave or protect you from them. You may also conduct prayer in your own traditional manner to demand the spirits detach from you. Praying over nonperishable items, such as clothing and new furniture, before bringing them into your house can help prevent you from carrying in new spirits attached to inanimate objects.

Step 4
Open a physical pathway for the spirit to leave. This can be a door or window that remains open while you ask the spirit to go. Making a physical path of exit will allow the spirit to leave without attaching to other people or harming anyone. Stay clear of the path when doing this, and ensure you show no fear, as a spirit will sense this and remain, despite your best efforts, if its intent is sinister.
HitTheDeckBoys (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Ann Pelitera, YOU need a personal blessing and maybe more than one to release what is going down inside you. Hunny
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
You are dealing with something very rare. This person was possessed before coming in contact with you and was already under influence before passing. You have an uphill battle ahead. First find a group of people and a non-denominational pastor preferably one that works with the homeless to pray for you. Preferably a bible study group. You need people of a strong faith to help you. They need to be an equal number of men and women. You then need to ask to be baptized to re-affirm your faith. I sense you came from a strong religious background but you just kind of went through the motions and then eventually rebelled. Or maybe I'm reading that from your unwanted guest. This person latched onto you seeing and sensing inner turmoil and a soul that could be influenced.
The entity possessing her steered her course to you and now they are acting as one force. The positive thing is that you are self aware and realize what is happening and can fight back. After your baptism ask the pastor if you can take the water home with you to help focus you on what you are trying to change in your life. He may resist but insist on it. Then go and get some kosher salt and fresh cut lavender. You also need a bible and a small wooden necklace type cross or wooden rosary cross that you can wear as a necklace. You are making a Christian talisman. You have tried many other things but I have been given the knowledge that this is for you to help with your struggle. You still have to do your part in this. Go home and make these items the same day you are baptized. Divide the water into 7 parts or glasses. Place fresh cut lavender in 4 of the glasses of water and set them aside. In one glass mix 1 teaspoon of Kosher salt into the water and set aside. This signifies the tears that Jesus wept for us. In the next Glass mix 1 teaspoon of Kosher salt into the water and place the cross in it to soak making sure the cross is completely covered in the water then fill the glass to the top with tap water from your home faucet. This is important to help set the boundaries of your ownership and blessings. This is your property not the entity trying to possess you. Let the cross set in the water while you finish it will be the last thing you touch. Take a cup of the Kosher salt strip your bed and wash your sheets in it do not add soap. This will confuse your adversary and cleanse your bed of residual energies. While The wash is going take the remainder of the salt and place it in bowls on the floor near the door ways to your home. Then take the glasses of water with the lavender and place them on the floor at all 4 corners of your bed and do not spill them. If during this the spirit tries to make you talk to it dip your finger in the Jesus tears and touch it to your tounge and do not speak. In your mind or on your lips say The Lords prayer every time the spirit tries to take control of you while you are doing these tasks and ignore it. If things get to wild drink the last glass of pure water and open the Bible to Psalm 23 and read it over and over again until things calm down. If not save it for later. After your sheets are finished washing and drying make your bed and leave it turned down. Don't spill the water on the floor. Go back to the cross in the glass and take it to your kitchen table along with your Bible set them down where you can read comfortably. Get the glass of Jesus tears and set it down also. Sit down take the cross out of the glass and place it on top of the Bible don't worry about the water you want it there on the Bible cover. Drink the glass of pure water if you haven't already and say The Lords Prayer. Then ask GOD to bless your cross for protection, Your Bible for knowledge and strength and your home for use as sanctuary from the evil trying to take hold of you. Next place the necklace over your head and don't take it off for anything until this thing is driven out. Next ask GOD to bless and protect anyone in and who comes to your home. Then ask GOD to protect you from Evil, Harm and sickness. If at any time the thing tries to twist your words dip your finger in the Jesus tears tough it to your tounge and proceed. GOD will help you. Ask GOD to start you off close your eyes place your hand on the Bible open it up and don't worry about where that will take care of itself. Open your eyes and read the first thing you look at. This will get you started. As you read the evil will lose more and more power and control. Evil in any form cannot bear the word of GOD. This will help you gain control. When you go to bed first read the first chapter of Matthew and then pray for protection from Evil, Harm and Sickness. Then ask the same for everyone you know.
Wow, OK now I can tell you what has been going on while I have been trying to type this out for you. It has taken me near 2 hours and a monumental effort on my part. This thing has been fighting me the whole time. Almost every other word I type comes up misspelled and I have had an unbearable ringing and buzzing in my ears while I try to concentrate and type. This thing is angry and won't let me pull the whole name out but starts with Mauwl something. Maybe someone else can help identify it I am tapped. I have to rest. I hope this will help you down the path you need to go. Don't give up you now or soon will have the upper hand. Trust me this will work from what I have been given to tell you. You must follow everything to the letter. Don't go at this half hearted or you will fail. This was tailored for you. Someone can be with you for support, but you must be the one to perform the tasks.
P.S. As I tried to send this to you or publish it my mouse battery died right as I went to click on it. You better become strong in your conviction this thing isn't going to play nice.

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