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My Senses Of The Future


Often I have dreams that come true, but I know many other people who have also. When my dad was released from prison in 2008, the day before I started crying, because I got these thoughts (that's what I call them, they're like daydreams almost, I have been having them as long as I can remember.) they were fighting yelling and scenes of spending weekends at my dads. And now in 2013 my mom and dad are getting a divorce. For the past two years I've had things where if I just thought about something, I'll see it. For an example today when I woke up I thought about what today would bring, my cheeks hurt and I saw getting scolded for the reason of smiling. This morning at school I was hiding in the gym and my laughing gave me away and the vice principal found me. For a while things like this were down graded to simply my other senses. Things got black but I could smell, hear, and feel things. If I think about summer I feel headphones in my ears, a sad feeling in my heart, and the bleachers at my brothers baseball field. I can tell someone's past and near future as well. If I meet someone in real life. And while going through photos I can tell a lot about the person in the picture. I know who's calling when the phone rings an In nowhere near it. There are so many examples of this. I'll just do a truthful one now. Today is Wednesday and I will think about Friday.

I feel out of place. Like I'm looking for someone I know. The sun hot on my shoulders, and other people trying to get my attention, but something else is on my mind, I feel a sudden cool relief, of body, of emotion, and mostly loneliness. I hear deep voice loud and laughing in my ear, but I like it. I feel that the only time I will feel happy is the bus rise home.

Is there anyone else who has this too? Is there anyway I can improve it to levels, or is this purely coincidence? Please help, thank you.

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RainbowRobinGirl (3 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-30)
I occasionally have experiances like this. Sometimes I'll know where the teacher will tell me to sit before she tells me, for example. I have had several other things like that happen where I know what someone will say or something. And one time I had a dream that I would sit in a boy I like's seat and he would ask for it back and it happened. Mine could be a coiensidence but I don't think yours are. Also, could someone comment and tell me if mine is a or not cause we can't post stories a the moment. 😢

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