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Dream Man And Life Mate


Over the recent years, I have discovered and have even been told by other psychics that I am also one of the gifted ones. As a medium, I have had prophetic dreams since youth. Yet, the one that has plagued me the most is the one of a man I have never met. When I was young, he appeared to be around animals and much older than I. I assumed he was an animal doctor, but I have learned to assume nothing.

Over the years, I have had many dreams of this man. I have come to believe without a shadow of doubt that this is the man I will one day marry. Recently, I dreamt of him in the most clear vision of him yet. He was tall, with long curly brown hair, and brown eyes. His nose is distinctive and distinguished. Of course, I think Michael Bolton has a distinguished nose also. So what do I know about appearances? His long curly brown hair reminds me of Kenny G's. His eyes were brown like pools of coffee or tea. His skin was white with tan or possibly olive. He was quite handsome.

When he appeared to me the last time, he gave me a hug and told me he was my life mate and that we would meet very soon. Still, we have never met except in my dreams. I suspect he has a scar on his chest. He is not very hairy except for his long curly locks. He does not smoke. I guess he may be part Italian and even Australian. I dreamt that once also. He is a doctor of some sort and very compassionate and patient.

What gets me is I ask for guidance and spirits, my guides, the angels, and even the Virgin Mary all tell me he is coming. He told me I would find him, but still he does not appear. How do I speed up the process? I have searched online and even gone to dating sites. My intuition tells me he is seeking me. I sense he may be psychic too. I some times hear him calling out to me.

He tells me I find him, but how. I search in vain with no results. I call him Nicholas or Nicky as I have no clue what his name is. He accepts me on all levels. He completes me. He has a brother who looks a lot like him. I keep getting a vision of him and his siblings and their spouses standing on a stair case. He is the youngest and at the bottom. His older sister is married and has children. I am unsure of his brother.

Why can I not find them? What is this wall around me and him preventing us from meeting? I just wonder what I am dong wrong. I have seen hell when I meditated. I only had a vision of being in hell. Though I was afraid, I was given this vision for a reason. I do not know what is worse that vision, the difficult life of misery I lead, or unrequited love and never finding or knowing what ever became of the man of my dreams.

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spookvanger (13 stories) (136 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-21)
I completely agree with Livefree. Your life in this incarnation was planned in detail before you were born
You do have free will to make decisions but major events such as meeting your soul mate are planned and will happen when it must. Therefore, don't fret and use that time to further develop your spiritual gifts.
Livefree (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-19)
Dear Autumnangel, I have absolutely no doubt that, if you are meant to meet him, you will. And it definitely sounds like you are. There is absolutely no need to look for him; intact, I suspect the more you actively look for him the longer it will take for him to come into your life. My advice is to fully focus on yourself. I know this is so so hard to do when you desperately want to meet him, but this is the only way to "speed things up." You need to be on your path, be nurturing yourself, become completely whole, reach unconditional Love for yourself, and realize that you truly can live a happy fulfilled life without him. When you do, this is the moment he will pop up. Stop searching outside yourself for him, and start searching within yourself for you! This is the only way. Truly, this is a Divine union and it WILL HAPPEN no matter what if it is meant to. Much love to you <3

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