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A Being Bathed In Blue Light


I want to start by saying that someone told me, as I aged, that animals would seek me out, try to communicate with me. I have two dogs and we get along famously, but I never noticed anything paranormal about it. In march of this year, my car and my bedroom window were targeted by a "territorial" robin, who would not stop attacking my car and eliminating all over it (by the end of the week, even if I got to wash it. Near the mirrors it would look like a Jackson pollock painting). This same robin also found it his mission to fly into the window above my bed, repeatedly, during all hours of the day and early evening. I was told to put film paper on my windows and wrap opaque bags around my car mirrors, which I did. The common theory is that when the robins are raging with hormones, after mating, they are wired to protect their territory. Any shiny surface could provide a reflection that would be fuel for attack, because the robin would sense it's reflection as a dangerous interloper. After performing the appropriate procedure to prevent this from happening, the abuse continued. Actually, it went on through may. Two months, and I was the only neighbor on my block who was affected by this menace. I didn't realize it could be something more until mother's day.

My grandmother was as yellow as a school bus when we got the call from my grandfather. She had cancer, and it was terminal, blocking her bile duct. We are currently not treating it with anything other than palliative care, but after a little research I have concluded that the robin was warning me, trying to get me to pay attention that my grandmother was dying. After that day, when we found out, the robin left me alone. The entire nest had left. Considering it was only my car and my window, I can't say that this is a normal issue of territory defense. My grandmother is still living, in pain, but we are and have always been very close. After a client of mine told me that robins are messengers, Of dying loved ones, or impending death in the family, I can honestly say it all makes sense. This experience, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. And it was the catalyst for me to dig deeper and search for more meaningful experiences,

Just a couple weeks ago, feeling fairly lousy after tending to my grandmother, I came home for rest. I meditated first, then prayed that I would make it through this. I prayed for my grandpa, because he is losing his wife of 60 years. I prayed for my grandma and I prayed for my mom. Generally I am not a religious person, I don't attend church and I believe my relationship with god is personal and should not be organized. I believe in paying attention and being a good human being, but after that a sense of peace came over me and allowed me to sleep. During the night, something startled me. The room was warm and I rolled over to see the face of a being, with short blonde hair and very large, very blue eyes, bathed in blue light, bending to look at me beside my bed. I immediately rolled to the middle of the bed, the being, having not said anything, must have sensed that it scared me. This was no relative of mine that I had known, and it was enormous and starkly pale. I pulled the cover over my eyes tightly, knowing that this thing would not hurt me, but not knowing what I should do but avoid it because it was silent, and just standing there staring at me. This all happened maybe for a minute but it felt like forever. Before it left, it was like it was right next to my ear, it said "Apache tears". And it was gone. The room was still warm, I was sweating, and I was completely puzzled as to what an apache tear was. Never heard of such a thing, and honestly it rattled me a little bit, because I believe that native American people are very connected to the earth and they should be respected, and I knew that the apache are a tribe.

So the next day I got on the computer and figured out what it was. The apache tear is a stone, to ground you and cleanse the aura of grief and negativity. It was exactly what I needed. And although I had feared whatever came to me in the middle of the night, it had known what I was going through, it knew what to recommend for me. And that, to me, is almost unbelievable. As for the robin, it may not be anything psychic or paranormal. Maybe it's a coincidence. But it is the first odd thing that started all this business with messengers and processing the emotional burden that my family is carrying right now. Maybe this pale blue and white thing is my guide. I don't know.

I just needed to share. Thank you.

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becklyn37 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-21)
Look up EDINA energy medicine. It sounds similar to the being you described. EDINA is a form of energy medicine believed to be sent to us from another galaxy.
Kelly5678 (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-19)
What a beautiful story. I agree with you %100 about the messenger bird. I think that spirit guides have many ways of sending us messages. And usually when you feel that there is more meaning behind something, your usually right. You sound like you have very strong intuition. Always follow that. As for the blue light, it sounds like a very peaceful and warm experience. I do believe something was trying to comfort and heal you. Have you had any other experiences with animals?

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