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3rd Eye Sensitivity


This sounds scary to most but what I've repeatedly come to notice over the periods of time scrolling through this site is UFO visions. They don't just show themselves randomly to everyone. It's a special experience when you truly understand the deepest secretes of the night. My totems are Owl, Bat, Dragon, Moth, Cheetah & Black Panther Lol nice movie though, now back to business. The 3rd eye is a complex organ. Sure everyone has theirs. Some practice, some fear, but we all use it without realization.

Picture this:

You're walking home. Then you notice a matching numbers on you're watch. Subconsciously you'll remember something about double numbers whether on web or you eavesdropped. It doesn't matter the 3rd eye automatically brings the vision from the last place you consciously got the information. Now the unconscious comes to play, 1st You were walking, 2nd You noticed, 3rd You did not blink but instead multi-tasked all those thoughts in seconds before noticing again that you were just playing with you're mind & the brain reflex you back to reality like "Dude, you're going home"

The shadows. Lol raise you're hand✋if I've ever scared you while I'm on astral. No one?😏 okay I'm just going to do this. See when I 1st OBE'd I was stuck on the wall right next to my sleeping body. Someone else was there with 'us', it was my worst fears mixed together forming another me. There were some lessons I had to learn before going roaming on astral. The fears in me were all negative but I just told myself "wake up it's a dream" the other negative me entered the chained me still on the wall. Things went wow😱 when now the sleeping me woke up😨 now I was not on the wall point of view but bed point of view😐. Luckily I remembered a word. Sleep paralysis. I closed my eyes again & took a deep breath. The chain locking my astra body broke into two & I consciously woke up. The wall me was missing but I remembered everything except the fears. I wasn't panicking. I already dealt with them. Okay bye👋😊

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