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When I was younger I always felt different to everyone else. And it all started with this occurring dream. I had it for months, it was a girl who was extremely pale and she looked just like me but her hair normally covered her face. She used to look straight at me then jump down the stairs and break her neck. The weird thing is though I was only little and I had this dream for months, I am now 13 and my best friend had the exact same dream for about 2 weeks a couple years ago. I also get weird feelings like when someone's about to walk in the room and I know who it is. Another experience was when I was in scouts when I was about 9 we went camping and I decided to go for a wander I went into the forest and found this place, it made me feel scared then the ground started to shake I ran out of that area and the ground was normal, I went back in and it was still shaking but there was a bottle with some old paper in, I got scared so I went and got my friends. When we go there the bottle had gone the ground was fine and the funny feeling had gone. I still feel funny now thinking about it and I looked up on the internet what happened there and there was a massive earth quake and some people died but it said it wasn't due from the earth quake and had no explanation why they died. What's wrong with me?

I also looked up psychic abilities and found out seeing the past because I have memories when I used to visit my dad in the army but I wasn't born then neither was my sister. I think it was retrocognition? Does anyone know what that means for me?

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JupiterEmpath (3 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-24)
Hey Destiny, there's a possibility that what you have is a pre/postcognitive or some sort of empathic or clarvoyant ability. I've been to places in the past only to be approached by spirits, or get impressions like with the scout experience, and I'll also get the feeling like something's about to happen before it does. Also psychic mediums have told me in the past that spirits who are itching to be born into our world can sometimes hang around their parents before they're born. Whether or not that's what happened, I don't know, but it means that you've got some sort of gifts to explore, and hone over time.


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