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These Strange Occurrences, What Do I Do?


I moved back to Romania a little over a month ago to be with family for the time being, since moving into my uncle's house which he's lived in for about 2 years with my aunt, cousin and her boyfriend, along with my grandmother. Since moving here I have woken up every night at 3:18 AM, also I have been having dreams of things before they happen, but today was a whole new experience, a while back my uncle told me about how he dug up a statue of an angel with half its face missing, he thought nothing of it and threw it away at the dump, since then now and again parts of the statue will turn up in the house out of no where. Now at first I thought he's messing with me, but I know that my family is very superstitious and wouldn't play around about things like this, today I was in my room, I always out of habit look at my window sill because I leave my phone there while I'm in the house, after this I went outside and helped my uncle with some out door work, we walked past my window and he stopped and looked at my window and ran away, at first I was sort of like there's a snake or something so I walked on after him but he stopped to look at my window again, the head of this angel statue was propped up in the corner of my window sill looking out at us, so I went inside and the face was turned towards the door, he swears up and down that he threw it away, I believe him, I think this is something supernatural, and while I generally know what to do when it comes to supernatural occurrences, this I don't, if someone could please help me, what should I do?

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-03)
PeterR, I think I can help you with your situation. Here's my e-mail address: rainashea16 [at]
Rainebow (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
Personally, I wouldn't email people who don't wish to give sound advice to you through the forum you chose to ask your question.

Here is what I would do, and this has a lot to do with faith, so bare with me;

I would personally take the objects as they show up in your home, and collect them in a box, then I would take the objects to a priest and tell him exactly what is going on, and go with the advice he gives you.

If you do not have access to a priest, but believe in the power of God. I would pray for God to guide your hand. Saying something like, "O' Lord, please guide my hand in finding out what is going on, and please help me banish the spirit that is bothering me and my family."

Then, I would flip through the bible and find some verses that speak to you, as if God is guiding your hand. Then speak them over the collected pieces of this Angel, and ask for God's power to eradicate this being creating discomfort in your life. I suggest disposing of all the pieces at one time, in one specific place, and taking a second person with you.

If you do not believe in God, and belong to another religion, I would seek the advice of religious authority in that religion.

If you have no religious authority in your religion (i.e. You are a form of pagan), then I would suggest doing a banishing ritual over the collected pieces of this angel.

I hope this helps!

May God light your path, and bring you guidance when you need him the most! *bows my head*
Mrs_psychic_asia (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
I feel that the house is hunted there is an energy there. That wants something from use please email me I would love to help you mrpsychic201 [at]
Audrey552 (17 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
Hi, PeterR:

Can you tell me any more about this angel statue? Maybe you can try posting a picture of it online with an image host, like Flickr or Imgur.

It's very likely that a being is attached to the object, and insists on getting your family's attention. It could be a lost soul or a demon. The only reason I would say demon is if it's actively trying to scare you and your family. Demons feed on fear and it makes them stronger; lost souls, on the other hand, sometimes possess darkness, but mostly are trying to get someone's attention.

Please e-mail me at audrey559GES [at], and I can help you and your family get to the bottom of this.

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