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I need your help. I need to ask questions about two things that has been happening in my life.

First, what do you call that moment when you feel someone coming? Like, if our maid is downstairs, I would feel it when she decides to go to my room. I hear/feel this strange buzzing or vibration crawling up and down my skin. After about 10 seconds a knock would come through my door and it will be my maid. As far as I know, this has been happening to me ever since I can remember.

Secondly, I've been having hunches that's been coming true. Like when my iPod is playing on shuffle, a song would suddenly come to my mind and before I know it, that song is already playing. Or like when I wake up, a time would flash by my mind and when I look at my clock that's the exact time. I know some may call this precognition or something but I've been searching and doing some tests on the Internet and it shows that I don't have that ability.

I'm really confused right now because suddenly these abilities has been occurring more often and I can feel that they're becoming more powerful. Sometimes I would also experiment with my friends and tell them to try to barge in my room sometimes. But it never works because I still feel people coming. Tell me what's happening please. I asked my mom once and she said that is should just ignore it because it's nothing. I asked some people once too if they ever feel the same things big they say that I'm weird (in a totally non offending way) an that I should just ignore these things.

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Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-20)
I'm not saying you are schizophrenic, because the relation between what we call "psychosis" (which even Darwin believed was grossly misunderstood as written in his famous Origin of Species) and what ancient people consider "powers" and can not be known for sure with the information currently available, but studies do strongly suggest that they may be one and the same.

Having a schizophrenia at least doesn't mean your some homicidal loopy person as this site's article on schizophrenia suggests, all though clearly many people with psychosis suffer this level or degrade to this level.

In second world countries (Africa, areas in asia, and so forth) were the early stages of psychosis (obviously not including homicidal behavior or something) are seen as signs that that person is has connection to the spirit world and are sent to and trained by the communities shaman, witch doctor, sorcerer, and so on.

People who suffer negative effects from schizophrenia are much lower in these countries. Coincidentally, studies show that if caught early enough, supportive, understanding communities and therapy are more effective on many schizophrenia cases than medication. I have met such people, one is shaman from Mexico and has done wonderfully with out the cold meds that doctors surely would have prescribed him had he been born in a first world country like the U.S.

Can you imagine the suffering of struggling between sorting out the world you experience, and the world most experience, not knowing what's real what's not, what's wrong, what's right, not understanding what is happening to you and how to tell the difference between one world and the other? And, constantly being treated like a rapid dog, unable to open up to people with out being ridiculed? That's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Of course, there are different levels of schizophrenia, and different people are effected differently. In many cases, there maybe underlying conditions with the horrible people with a psychosis you hear about on the news who are mass murderers. Some people have weaker minds than others, and in the delicate state a person with schizophrenia might be in as suggested above, environment is crucial, and many serial killers had abusive parents, were molested by family members, all sorts of disgusting stuff.

So, schizophrenia doesn't appear to mean "crazy" as much as newer studies on it and how it effects people historically, world wide, and why, shows.

But of course, I can not stress enough the importance of learning and checking this out for your self.

I recommend Carl Jung, study on the human brain, philosophy, phycology, william butler yates, and of course schizophrenia and the relation between it and shamanism.

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