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An Unknown Entity And The Strange Occurrences With It


My name is Lauren and I am 18 years old and I have been dealing with a plethora of strange events. Ever since last year I have been getting these strange feelings. It'll often feel like I'm not alone and I'll feel random emotions. Naturally I sought out a psychologist but they said that there was nothing wrong with me. For awhile I ignored the strange feelings that is until they got worse. I began to hear whispering around my house despite the fact that I was home alone. Some stuff is incoherent and sometimes I hear full sentences. I still tried to deny what was happening to me but whatever this is wasn't going to let me just ignore it. As months passed by I began to notice orbs of varying colors fly around and shadows running down my hallway.

Moving on to what's happening now, I have been seeing an extremely tall figure following me around. It is about 9ft tall and it's energy is black with a rust color around the edges. When it touches me it feels like a pinprick. I checked with my doctor to rule out the possibility of being neurological but alas everything came out okay. When I'm in bed I'll feel someone get in and caress my legs. On top of that I have been having extremely lucid dreams. One of them was of me sitting in my living room with a figure I couldn't make out. The figure wanted me to sign my name in this old leathery book. I signed my name and the book began to show images of sigil signs, jumbled up words, and disturbing creatures. The scariest part is that the book had blood stains on the pages. When I woke up I felt someone holding me and they whispered "You can't escape me." and chuckled. If someone can clue me in on what's happening I would appreciate it greatly.

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