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Knowing When A Person Is Experiencing Death?


When I was walking out of Starbucks with a friend, I heard a woman screaming "Call 911!" and she starting shrieking in shock. I went to see why and I saw a lady sitting in the pedicure chair unconscious. I felt this tingling through out my body. It was like a pressure inside of me was pushing against myself, something I have never ever experienced in my life. I didn't know how to react, and my intuition felt like she was actually dying. My body felt overwhelmed, like as if even myself was detaching from my body. I tried to calm down--part of it I knew was shock because I have never seen a person die before. But I want to know this weird feeling that I felt was because I knew she was dying or if it was all just shock? I want to know if the weird pressure feeling in my mind was because I knew she was dying right in front of me.

I came home crying of guilt because I didn't help or stick around until the ambulance came, I just left. And right now I have such a heavy guilt in me for not doing anything. I was impacted immensely but I just left and didn't help.

I am an empath, I am extremely sensitive, and slowly developing the gift of being a medium (according to another medium who I know).

My questions are:

Is what I felt really me witnessing and knowing someone died or really was it all shock although my "gut" or intuition says that she died?

Is it bad that I just walk away, and not stayed even when I didn't know what to do?

Please help me out. I feel so guilty and confused of my feelings and what I felt at the time. I want to know if any other mediums out there have felt the same as me.

Thank you.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-25)
Being a empath, the feeling wasn't just your own feeling.
IT was a state of heightened emotions for everyone around. Part of being a empath is trying to find "you" in the middle of that sea.

When it comes to situations like that, you need to find your cornerstone, where you can go so that you can make logical decisions.
We'll start by asking basic questions.
Do you have medical training?
Do you have the ability to heal by force of will through the spirit, manifesting it as physical repair?
Can you control the emotions of everyone around you with a wayward thought?
Can you call on spirits that can phsyically manifest of their own accord?
Did you know the person?
Did you know any of the people involved?

I'm guessing, off hand, the answers to those are all no.
If that's the case, just remember, there are journies that we, as human beings, MUST take alone. That's just how it is. The best thing you can do is find a way to be supportive. Sometimes being supportive is helping. Sometimes being supportive is walking away.
If you are not in a stable emotional state, then you are not in a position to be supportive. So, in this case, ESPECIALLY assuming you answered no to almost all those questions, the BEST thing you could do was walk away and have the selfish fit in private.
I specifically use the word selfish here... Anytime you feel like you could have done something in a situation that was beyond your control, it is a selfish and prideful thought. It belittles the experience of that person, and uses it to prop your own experiences and insecurities. It also sucks you into their world. As a empath, DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

Furthermore, I'll leave you with this. The question isn't knowing when a person is experiencing death... The question is, knowing when a person is experiencing life.
As phsyical beings, we are all dying from the moment we are born, and our body is struggling to hold on to the spark that we call life.
Is that truly life, or is it merely prolonged death?

The point of this isn't to be negative. It's to point out that there is more to life, the universe, and everything than what we know, and what we think we know.

So, once again... How can you tell if a person is experiencing life?
The_Scientist (4 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-24)
I know it must feel like you could have done something, but it's okay, there is nothing you could have done really. You shouldn't feel guilty. That feeling you explained, I've heard it before. It could have been simply the spirit of that person passing through you. Nothing to be afraid of or anything. Usually when that happens the overwhelmed feeling you get, you are sharing with the spirit.
Hope this helps.

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