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Imperfect Precognition 2


This is a follow up to my previous story "imperfect precognition". As I said, I have precognitive abilities, and I have little control over it. I kept having visions, just a bit less than a couple months ago. I didn't have the patience, concentration or the nerves for that matter, to do a dream journal like a person named Lilly on this site told me to. However, I have made two major developments with my psychic abilities:

1. I was playing basketball by myself, and when I got tired I wanted to try something. It was a dry, windless summer day. Anyway, I sat on the ground and meditated (not for real, I just sat there with my legs crossed, relaxing and emptying my mind), then I put my ball in front of me, closed my eyes, didn't hear, see, or feel any wind. I focused. Imagined the ball moving. Focused harder. Imagined it moving. Move. Move. Move! Opened my eyes. It was shaking! I made the ball shake! With my mind!

2. I was on a 3-day school trip with my class. On the third day, almost all of the people on the trip were in a local shop. It was really crowded, and I didn't see my friend in front of me. She turned around and said:" Hey! Whatcha' doing?" I freezed for a couple of seconds there. I dreamt that moment, and in my dream, I remembered I dreamt it. And remembered that I remembered dreaming it, and on to infinity like that! That was the most profound precognitive expirience i've had so far!

Can you tell me what to do now? I really want to improve it, and I'm going to get in touch with my great uncle soon!



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