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Great Grandfather


For the past year I have been having increased experiences of seeing shadow figures. This started out only at night and now has progressed to during the day. My husband is usually witness and can never "see" what I am seeing, but often hears things associated. Last night my husband awoke to the closet door opening and then the bedroom door. He woke me up as he searched the upper house for an intruder and then came back to bed. I looked out from our bedroom into the hallway and saw a short stalky figure looking into my son's bedroom. My husband could see nothing. I grabbed my phone and flashed the light into the hallway and the figure was gone. A minute later the figure was back, hands on hips looking at me. Like he wasn't happy I interrupted him watching my son. And bedside him was a taller figure in a fedora who looked and felt just like my great grandfather. Now he died when I was eight, but I swear it was him. I am not at all sure of who the short figure was. I asked my husband if he could see them, but he could not. This isn't the first time things like this have happened-lights flashing on and off, doors opening, hearing voices. The figures just continued to stand at my sons doorway and watch him sleep. And I decided they were harmless and went back to bed. I've started seeing figures at random places during the day too. Should I try to communicate? And I'm not sure how. Also why is this happening at an increasing rate? My mom reported that I've had "experiences" since I was a child. Why is it increasing now that I am almost 40? I'm kind of worried I'm losing my mind since I'm wide awake when these things happen. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-17)
Hi Iroc, not sure if you are still checking for comments, but since no one else assured you, I figured I would. It sounds like you are opening more now. We go through various cycles in our lives, being open or more closed at times. You can choose either. You can open more or choose not to acknowledge it. You can ask for protection and ignore it, and the benign energies often leave you alone. I see these abilities as gifts, even if they can be scary and carry responsibility. We are often dealing with humans who have passed, as you mention your grandfather. If you choose to open, search the web for different meditation techniques. Always surround yourself with protection. If you do, you can become stronger and interact more, possibly even helping them to know what they want. Sometimes they help us. Sometimes they need our help. Best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing.

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