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I Know Something Is Going To Happen


I'm Robyn and I'm 17 from Edinburgh, in Scotland

Whenever I'm out with my friends and I'm going back home, I sometimes get a feeling, almost like a voice in my head saying I'm going to get in trouble or shouted at. Its almost like my brain goes into overdrive and my stomach drops, and when I go in after getting this feeling I'm always in trouble. I don't know if I have explained that well. Basically its like I just know when something is going to happen, I know when I'm going to see someone in the street, when I'm going to get in trouble or when I'm going to get asked to do something. I have never experienced knowing what is going to happen to someone else, but I have noticed I can tell what is going to happen in other peoples lives. For example, I knew that my friend was going to get back with her boyfriend (which was obvious to everyone) but I knew how and when they would break up and why. No one else knew because no one really cared. I also know all of these things without any signs telling me so. I also always know when someone is lying and the truth about what they're lying about pops into my head and 9/10 I'm right. For example, I go to my friends house alot, she has a baby boy, and her Ex has just moved out. They were going out without telling anyone, and having sex. They didn't tell anyone, but I still knew and when I confronted her about it, she admitted it and asked me how I knew and I couldn't answer her. There was just a feeling inside me that was telling me that what she was telling me wasn't right, and why it wasn't right. Anyone else like this or does anyone know what this is?

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billiessweetips95 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2018-01-12)
I'm not sure what you would call this. Since I was a little girl I could see and here spirits the older I got I tries to ignore it but they follow me from house. They mess with me when I'm sleep they will pull off my blankets and sometimes they get on top of me and I can't move or yell it takes all my strength to get it off of me Their always touching me like right now ones touching my leg. I half the time I can't see them but I can feel there presence Also my eyes start to water when I feel dark Spirit.
arrow936 (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-24)
I have the same thing and I have had it for 24 years now. It started when I was about 15. The experiences are definitely intuitions. When I was 15 I only got feelings such as I could feel when something bad was going to happen and it usually did within a couple of days. Within a year I started having visions, it was like I was watching a tv screen in my head, while I was awake. All my visions came true. When I was in my early 30s, I started hearing voices and for brief moments I would see things around me such as spirits. Eventually, in my mid 30s I started actually feeling touches such as someone tugging at my pony tail or feeling someone touch my skin on my back. The touches never felt evil, I believe it was my father that had passed away in my house.
Now that I am 39, I noticed over the years I get many different kinds of experiences whether it be through visions, feeling, touch, voices or smells. I have noticed now that when someone is talking to me, I get all kinds of thoughts come into my head as if they are coming from the person that I am talking to. I can't confirm that but it's as if I can experience what they are talking about as if I can feel the feelings that they had when they was going through it... If that makes since.
I know deep in my heart, our gift is a gift from God. I just wish I could tap into it more or possibly have the visions or intuitions when I want them, but I am afraid I wouldn't be able to turn them off. If you know what I mean.
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
7 years ago (2014-10-29)
Bless your heart. I know how you feel! Frustration, fear and anger kick in when I see tragic things and try to figure out who to warn. My information comes in dreams but the death in the dream is someone that has equal meaning to me as the actual person that passes away. Like this pass April I had a dream of my youngest son's head being ran over by a car. I was right there, within reaching distance and could not stop it. And I saw in detail the gore of it all. I could not wake until it was all over and he was in my arms dying with blood all over him. When I finally did wake I was screaming and crying. Then for days I tried to figure out who to warn. All my children I watched like a hawk and would not let them go any where. Then on May 22 my double first cousin (our dads are brothers & our moms are sisters) that was my first true BFF and life long sister, lost her only son. He was only 15 and had went hunting with his dad. Due to a faulty safety device, the gun on his dad's shoulder went off as they were loading the small boat into the back of the truck at the end of the day. It hit the tail gate somehow and shot him in the chest. His dad was right there and could do nothing but hold him. My guilt still lives to this day because I could do nothing. I was shielding the wrong children. He was always like a second child to me, staying with my boys cause he only had sisters and loved playing with my sons.
God blessed us with this gift but sometimes it seems like a curse. Sometimes that warning is just for you to understand a large change is coming and other times you are meant to prevent it. God is the only one that knows what is to come. We are just vessels for Him to follow through with His divine plan. And although we may not understand it now, we will one day. There is a reason for all things good or bad and God does not make mistakes. That is how I try to move forward in my life. I help who I can, the rest is in God's hands. Sorry if this didn't help but it's just how I deal with these type situations.
spiritus920 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-26)
I have similar things happen with me as well. I have always relied on my 6th sense and I am usually right but most times it happened minutes from the real sanario and its not enough time to change things. The other is for years especially in the middle of the night and this has happened everywhere I've lived. I hear muffled conversations I can't make them out and once in awhile I hear someone in my ear close but not often and yes it scares me because only I hear it. Or especially recently I'll hear an argument and most times I ask my girlfriend if she hears it or I'll wonder if my mom and stepdad were arguing or shiat talking lol but always no she doesn't and when she gets up everyone is sleeping or not home. From what I am learning I may be claim audio but I don't understand why always at night? I mean if I can hear it then why not always? There are times I want to enhance these gifts if you would but sometimes I'd rather be ignorant but then again it must be for a reason. Anybody have any insights? Thanks
Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-23)
I'm like this, and I just commended on another post who I believe is like this too in a way.

I think it's intuition, not entirely sure but I think it's what it is.

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