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Could I Be Clairsentient Or A Medium? Could I Be Both?


Nearly a year ago I posted on here wondering if I could sense a present of a spirit, between now and then I've found out I could possibly be clairsentient but I'm not too sure. I've done some research about clairsentient people and I definitely expierence some of the things that are listed but its really only a few.

I can pick up on other peoples emotions but only if I'm close to them or know them, I can't pick up on a strangers emotion. My strongest connection is with my boyfriend, I don't see him everyday and we live miles apart but if there's something wrong with him I'd wake up with that feeling too. At first I used to be upset or angry for what I thought was no reason but I know now its his emotions I'm expierencing no matter how far apart we may be. I can sometimes pick up on my friends emotion even through texting them I can feel how they feel, all of this has only started to happen in the last year.

The reason I thought I could be sensing a spirits energy is because when I go to places where people may of died I always feel like its not just us there, I'm the only one that picks up on this. I start to get nervous, scared, I get knots in my stomach and I begin to sweat. It usually gets so bad I have to leave because I don't know what's happening or how to handle it.

I've always been uncomfortable in a cemetery and I try to avoid going in them. I've often felt these random feelings of pure terror because I think someone's there watching me even in my own home. I have 2 dogs and they always seem fine at home and I thought dogs knew when there was a spirit or something there but they never seem to. That's why I always tell myself I'm just trying to scare myself.

My first expierence of this was December 2012. My friends and I went to a haunted castle, called Ducketsgrove in Carlow, Ireland. There's a lot of spirits living there because the castle has a lot of history. As soon as I hopped over the fence I felt like I was being watched, not unusual for me to feel this way but the feeling was so strong and that was unusual and so I immediately got scared. I've only ever gone back once after and that was back in May 2013. Both times I was there I felt like there was people in the car park all around us just watching us, seeing who we were or why we were in their place.

The second time I was there I actually heard something and that was enough to scare me off. I heard a girls voice coming from a barn, but the barn was dark and I couldn't see inside. A few days later my boyfriend told me his daddy went out there one morning to unlock the place and there was a little girl just standing there watching them.

My most recent expierence of this was in July, I was at the war tunnels in Pula Croatia and there was these 2 rooms that didn't have lights on. The first room we went into was fine we went in and out. The second room we went into even looking through the door creeped me out. We were using lights off our phones to see and the further I went in the more uncomfortable I got. There was a little room at the back of that room and it turns out it was a torture chamber. That's when I began to think there's more than just my imagination playing games here because even though I knew people may have died at other places I was at I didn't have a clue here and picked up on the energy.

I've always had a fear of the dark and I often wake up with the feeling that someone's there, just watching me. This always happens between 2-5 in the morning, almost every morning. Sometimes I get so nervous I have to turn my light on. I usually need to leave my telly on just to fall asleep.

I've spoken to my friend and my boyfriend about this and both of them think I could have a "sixth sense" but I don't know? Maybe I'm not admitting it to myself because honestly as exciting as it sounds it also sounds kind of scary. I know how dangerous it can be to mess with the spirit world and that seriously scares me.

I told my mammy one evening that I could sense spirits but I was kind of joking and she said to me that my great granny could sense spirits. My mammy can read your palm and she does tarot cards and she sometimes knows what's going to happen in the future.

I really don't have a clue what to do or even think about this, a lot of time I just ignore it. Could it be possible I'm not opening up to it? If so how do I open up and learn to control it without being afraid? I'm 17 now and this is all still very confusing.

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villywonka (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-29)
Dear Emily,

I am pretty sure that something pushed me here on this site right now and click your article post because I'll tell you, you are not alone! I am so thankful for whatever energy made me do so because I am also 17, a girl, and experiencing exactly what you are feeling! It's like you are being watched all the time, like something or someone is breathing in your ear, even though you don't hear anything, you just feel it in your gut that there is something or someone behind you. Yes, it scares me all the time to the point that I can't enjoy the simple pleasures of bathing because something might be in front of me.

Aside from that, I have lucid dreams very often and I still remember a few. I also feel what others feel whenever they come by the door, when I just walk in the mall I randomly feel a person's feelings and mood. But this doesn't happen all the time. It's as if there's a switch button at the back of my mind and I have no control over it. When I want to feel someone, I sometimes can't. But if I don't want to feel it, there you go.

I also researched about clairsentience and empathy. I have this gut feeling that I have an exceptional skill. I also, although rarely, get feelings from objects when I touch them. It's like I feel the background of this object. In clairvoyance, you "see" the background or history of an object. But this time, I could feel it.

I hope we get along and contact me if you need anything. I'll be risking my email address for this, but right now, I just need any help I can get and someone to share my experiences with.

Please contact me at: rishsummers [at]

Thanks sooo much!
Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-23)
I'm pretty sure it's intuition, stronger than other peoples. I only say this because I'm exactly the same as you.

Sometimes I could predict situations before they happened, like my brain would spit out words linked to the situation and that's how id know.

But yeah that's intuition I believe. Meditation will calm you down and hopefully strengthen it to the point you could control it better, meditation will also make you more aware of it, but in a good way, so that you could manage it! Honestly don't be scared. Nothing to be scared of.

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