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Medium, Empath, Clairsentient, What Best Fits Me?


So I will start with the fact I have been able to see spirits, ghosts, shadow people as well as sense their presence since I can remember. I have had many encounters and continue to have them. I can also sense who people are, like in their soul, what kind of person they are.

Now that being said the older I get it seems I see things more often and I am a little more keen to it. Like it will hang around longer for me to actually see who or what is standing there. The most recent being my father. Now my father passed last year and our relationship was very bad. I saw him a few times and that's it. But lately a lot of strange things have been happening. The home I live in has had a couple people pass away in it as well as the old owner was very connected to this home and my family before she passed. Well I can and have seen all 3 of them very often. I have also had the pentagram that I used to wear end up in my pants pocket and also in my wallet and its been sitting in my drawer for months.

Also when I walk the property I see shadows follow me. Sometimes even during the day. No its not my shadow. If this was a one time thing then I would not be too worried about it or questioning it. But literally since I was a child and I can remember I have seen these things. I have lived coast to coast and seen different things cost to cost. They are rarely ever the same unless I am in the same place or building.

Now the older I get the more often I see these things and the stronger the feelings are. Like if I walk into a building that has something bad in it I feel physically ill.

Anyways I have been trying to figure out the name for what I am so I can learn to work with what I see and embrace it. I guess mainly I am seeking some advice and guidance from someone that has a little more experience in this area. Hoping someone can point me in the proper direction.

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goldenheartandsoul (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-18)
Hi, just saw my older screen name I gave to my Golden who when experiences started for me years ago, she jump on top of me in bed and cover me for protection. Weird things we saw before I matured. Now seeing from a canary for surveillance pure white energy dove goring trough ceiling. My canine caught in came canary to phone lifts her head up like no big deal. Lots of energy it has picked up making fire alarms go off had to remove one that was hard wired. I am Universal Empath I fell asleep was under weather the canine knew time to go out. I thought it was middle of night. I got up all around me light yellow color shivered of all these symbols covering me. Some looked ancient, some wavelike. I did seek courses for over 2 years to understand myself. My path was crossing lost souls over, but I feel my ability has gone a bit further than that now. It is not so easy to understand. I know where there is light there is dark. I do remove the dark I see. Trying to understand your abilities is a bit hard for even the computer can not find some answers for you. Like seeing other dimensions or parallel planes, others would think she is crazy. I now my grandkids see too. I know now my path is not just that simple as when crossing the lost over. For some reason I see energy. I can make energy. Yes, I have seen my Guardian Angel, not what I expected to either. She appeared small to me. I was a bit horrified, for what we think they should look like. She appeared once. She said, to me what is the matter, I said nothing why are you so tiny? Answer what is I was full size what feelings would you have? It was not until I read the Journey Home, information in there helped me. I see more written of Spiritual Alchemist, those that see energy and feel it. Yes, I see the in between I call them that for they are see through beings.? Plane. It just seems at my senior age my gifts are growing. I guess a lot of us have to learn and understand why and meanings. Like the pure white bird of energy flying up and out through the ceiling. My Golden caught on phone from my canary just looked and looked up like it was nothing. I saw it on the phone. I see wings awake above me on my ceiling. I am intone with angels and the light, but I find it is a path that we have to fight our path all the way, THE LIGHT WE CARRY. Not all heard or saw where from? Are of the Light also. Symbols is one thing I find hard to find the meaning also. English I speak, but messages sent rarely English. One was Ancient Greek meaning we exist and had a number to like 01 the backward E. I am retired RN. Have some health problems like most of us all. I know I must continue. For the darker side has tried to discourage me with things you can not imagine. My family has been affected from this also. But genetically have the gifts. But I remember then why I am here, and I know I picked my path also. I remember so well also why I was encouraged not to, but stubborn me took it on. I heard the warnings of pain, heart break, sorrow I may encounter. I still thought that here the LIGHT AND LOVE WOULD FINALLY WIN OUT. OUR PLANET AND UNIVERSE IS WORTH KEEPING SAFE FOR FUTURE GENRATIONS. It is so hard to get messages out when I see so many with so much greed in their heart. I know why we are here, try to change any who thinks this planet is not in jeopardy of us humans destroying the greatest joy of the Creatures inventions. Being a Universal Empath with so many gifts, but now it is Alchemist of Energy I see now. I may look on to site of spiritual alchemist on Facebook. Yes, we need to get together and teach and learn from each other. Only thing we could lose is the future of our generations we have given. Yes, Light and Love will eventually conquer the Dark and Hate and Greed, but I see chaos everywhere. Some have lost their site of why we are here. Someone has to try to bring it back indeed. Joan
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-09)
Hi! From your story, it feels you are an empath. Clairsentients and Empaths are almost same except Empaths are feelers who have very less control on their clairsentience. Whereas clairsentience is a channel via which we feel things. We all are mediumistic I believe. It is one or the other channels via which spirit might communicate with us. Like seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling etc. There are many groups on Facebook where you can safely practice your gifts. Like one is Pamela Aaralyn - Spiritual Alchemist. In her group we all talk about all such things and practice on each other. ❤

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