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One night I was talking to my boyfriend about paranormal experiences we've both had in the past. He explained that when he was younger he lived in a small house with his family and at night he would sometimes take a walk when he needed to clear his head. One night he was walking by a cemetery when he noticed a tall figure of a man keeping pace with him some yards away. He said the man wasn't getting closer or father away but he was just walking exactly at his rate. It's pitch black in the cemetery at night but the man was even darker than the blackness. He explained that soon after he started seeing, what he came to know them as, shadow people. He said they would appear in his room or other places he would be and taunt him. As time went on, they began to focus on not only him but the entire family. He took me to the cemetery he was talking about and his mom tagged along. While we were out at the cemetery I noticed something standing at the corner and I was trying to figure out what it was when it started walking towards us at a high rate of speed and I saw it was in fact a tall man, no features. Whatever he was made up of almost looked like smoke. (I know this sounds Hollywood). Since all of this, my friends and I have consistantly been seeing these figures. As I was locking my door to leave last night, I glanced over to the field behind my house and noticed a man standing at the corner of my field. It scared me because we live in the middle of nowhere but it didn't come to light to what I had seen until I pointed him out to my boyfriend and he was gone. Whats the best way to get them to leave me alone before it gets as bad as it did with my boyfriend?

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west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-26)
The most important step here is to try and identify what it is. It appears it may be a shadow person from what you're saying. If this is the case not much can be done. However, in many cases ghosts take the form of something similar looking to shadow people. We have one that comes to our house that doesn't want us to see what he looks like and covers himself in black smoke. If you can get any pictures of this and send it to me we may be able to help. Also even if you don't see them they could be in you're home. If you take a few pics of your house and send them to me at west3174 [at] I'll show them to my wife who should be able to see them through pictures and we'll see if we can figure anything out about them. Don't worry we're not charging anything for help.
need-You (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-23)
hi Kayla,
These shadow people are jinn/ devils.

I have some suggestions that help me. I use some methods from Islamic spirituality. If you search "ruqya for jinns" on google you can find some helpful things. A quick one I can give you now is something called "Ayatul Kursi". It would protect you from all evil things whether whether it be from jinns, or humans. It has other virtues as well. Recite it in morning and night and youll be good for the whole day. Take care:)

"Allahu la ilaha illa Huwa, Al-Haiyul-Qaiyum La ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm, lahu ma fis-samawati wa ma fil-'ard Man dhal-ladhi yashfa'u 'indahu illa bi-idhnihi Ya'lamu ma baina aidihim wa ma khalfahum, wa la yuhituna bi shai'im-min 'ilmihi illa bima sha'a Wasi'a kursiyuhus-samawati wal ard, wa la ya'uduhu hifdhuhuma Wa Huwal 'Aliyul-Adheem"

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