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I Don't No What It Is But I Think It's Called Clairsentient?


On December 3 in 2011 I was sitting in my room and I was watching TV or drawing (as usual) and my door was shut and I felt this weird tingling sensation on my back and this tightness on my scalp it felt so weird, I didn't know what it was and my mom was coming to tell me she got Mcdonald's and she tried to surprise me but I opened the door and she was on her way down the hallway and I guest it was Mcdonald's and she said "how did you know?" And I said "I guest" and she said "how did you know I was coming?" I had said "I don't know." It was time to go to sleep and I couldn't sleep so I was up my TV off and I had that sensation again and I was pretending to go to sleep and my dad was coming, but he wasn't in the hallway yet but I went to pretend and he came in my room to check on me to see if I was sleep and he closed my door and went back to sleep himself and then I woke back up and I got up to go get some water and as soon as I get water my dad was going to come into the kitchen and I hid before he came into the kitchen. I hid in the cabinet where nobody would ever look because it was empty he got water and went back to sleep and as soon as he left I drank my water and went back to my room. Then the next day I woke up because of course I fell asleep, my mom made breakfast and my sister was sleep and my brother was awake and before he got in the kitchen I got the feeling again and I said out loud "Xavier is comming" and my mom said he wasn't even out of his room yet and here he comes as I said. It was a weird 2 days for me, but I still have whatever this ability is and I'm still curious.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-24)
Hi Zanibell15, what you're describing sounds like clairvoyance, which is the category your account has been placed. If your experiences continue, it sounds like you could be developing a gift. Maybe you can keep a record of the times you were right or wrong, and then see how it develops over a time. It should be interesting. Sometimes, only sometimes, I just "know" who's on the phone even before I answer it (I don't think I'm really clairvoyant though).

There's an article on the site on different types of psychic abilities for your reference. I've attached the link to it for you:

Just curious: why did you pretend to be asleep when your father came to check on you and then later hide from him? Is everything alright at home? 😕

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