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My Savior


I don't even know where to start because I have so many true life events that has happened to me. Unfortunately these events happened to me at the worst time of my life.

One of these events never leaves my mind even after all the years past since it happened.

I was 38 years old at the time I am 49 years old today, back then I had been dating a man for almost 7 years when he decided to make mine and my daughters life hell.

I was having anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns, and everything else you can imagine and at that time I would pretty much live in my computer room when my daughter was gone with her dad because when she wasn't around my mind was always racing and I was crying a lot so if I kept my self busy on the computer it seemed to keep me from completely loosing it. Long story short my now ex boyfriend at that time left me for another woman 2 days before Christmas and he had lived right next door to me and I was in a house that he had bought for me that we were going to adjoin the two houses later on.

So on this note you can imagine how I was feeling, they say that when you are so depressed an so down on life it tends to draw dark forces towards you. I have to say this is so true and here is what happened to me.

It was late night maybe around 1am in the morning when I was on my computer in the computer room. My daughter was at her dads house for the night so I was all alone. I kept a security outside surveillance camera on my back deck door coming in from outside and had the monitor sitting on my desk so that I could keep watch on my back door.

Well sitting in my chair working on the computer something caught my eye, I looked over at the monitor and I thought I could see something like a black blob coming up the stairs of my deck.

I quickly just shoved the thought out of my mind thinking that I was just tired stressed and was seeing nothing. A few seconds went by when something caught my eye again on the monitor and again I told myself I am really tired and just need to go to bed but I first wanted to finish what I was doing because I was so close to being done.

So I continued what I was doing when once again something caught my eye but this time it really caught my eye and I knew then it was real.

There was a huge blacker than black mass blob that was moving up my back steps towards my back door. Now mind you where I was sitting in the computer room those steps that the black evil was moving up was just on the other side of the wall from me.

I am now having a really bad feeling about all this. I only light I had on in the house was the light coming from my computer and the back porch light was on and now as the black blob was getting closer to my back door I could really see it because it was almost under the outside light.

As fear was rushing through me wondering what I would do and still trying to comprehend I was seeing this thing all of a sudden my outside light started to get supper bright and I thought to myself well here we go this thing outside my door is going to blow out my lights and is coming in. I was now terrified as I had to look away from my monitor because the light got so bright it took up the whole screen with bright light.

As I looked back at the monitor expecting the light was now going to be out only to see the light starting to diminish back down to normal lighting and stayed on. The black entity that was moving up towards my back door to make its way in to me was now moving back away from the house and much quicker that it was when it was coming up.

I am not sure who was there protecting me that night but I was so ever grateful and never felt safer... We were living with a spirit ghost old man and his little dog at the time and for some reason It made me feel glad he was still living in our home because I was the only one home if this makes sense.

Two weeks later I had a good friend stop over and we were talking when she started to tell me of this black entity had came into the room where she had spent the night at her brothers house and she said it felt like it was choking her so she got up and got out of the bedroom. Later on her uncle who was also spending the night there came in and saw my friend now sleeping where he was going to decided to just go into the room where she was suppose to be and went to bed only to get up the next morning and say to his brother that owned the house that he needed to do something because there was something in that house that was very evil and bad that it too tried to choke him.

When she finished telling me the story she looked at me and had asked me what was wrong with me because she said my face was pale white like I had just saw a ghost... Well its not ghosts I'm afraid of as I have always seen spirits, but this was nothing that was any thing good, it was a very bad evil mass and I knew it.

Here's the thing, I had not told her what had happened to me yet and the house she had this happen to her at was her brother s house who lived just behind me, only our backyards and fence was between the two houses. I wasn't the only one the evil was coming for, also I must tell you there was a hospital just down the block, and many years year's earlier someone had told me about many children and people died of a pelage and that the hospital burned down... And the only reason I found out about that was after seeing all the children and people spirits late one night made me wonder so I investigated it only to find out that. So maybe this has something to do with the bad entity's

I went on to tell her what had happened to me and how I was protected in my home by someone in the spiritual realm. And how this black entity was sent away and stopped from entering my home.

But it doesn't stop there, as some time went by this black entity had came around to the front of my house, coming down the driveway of my ex-boyfriends house who lived next door to me at the time and tried to come over my fence when my front porch light now started to get brighter, not as bright as it did in the back yard but enough to chase away the black evil again. This not only happened 2 times but yet again for a third time again and once again the same thing happened, I watched the light grow brighter and once again the black evil backed off and left.

I thanked God and anyone else who was with me protecting us at that time. To this day I still wonder who it was keeping me safe and keeping the evil away. And I still continue to this day to thank them for there help in those days that was so bad for us. I know God had walked with me on more than a few occasions back then. I have several different story's I would love to share another time.

I am a good person, and I believe that it was a very high up there spiritual being there to fight off the evil. So if people think that spirits and evil doesn't exist, they are so wrong. There are higher beings that we cannot even image that work with us here on earth. As well as evil that is lurking just around the corner. With all the other stories I have read on the internet, about the black mass coming into there home, I guess I have always wondered why it was never allowed to get near me, I was so protected. I am grateful don't get me wrong, there is just a block there and I cannot see past it for some reason and I just wonder why and who is all.

My Savior 1

My Savior 2

My Savior 3

My Savior 4


My Savior 5

My Savior 6


There is also something else, I had very very large the largest of Orbs that I have ever seen that were around me at these times as well to. I need to stop here because I could go on and on with other things.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-28)
Hi kimbodanno, thank you for sharing your photos of the orbs. They're fascinating. That is the largest orb I've ever seen. There certainly is a lot of activity around your place.

I think that all the negative energy around you at the time attracted that black entity to your house. I wonder if your ex also had any unwanted visitors at his place. He seems to be the most likely source for the negativity in the first place.

Thank God for your resident house spirits that you were protected. I believe that some of us are blessed with guardian angels or spirit helpers who provide assistance in times of need. I'll be interested in hearing more about the spirit of that old man and his little dog, should you wish to share it sometime. It's good that they are taking care of you.
Martin (129 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-10-27)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷

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