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My Grandfather's Presence


Several times a year I catch a glimpse of my mother's father and get a feel of his presence. This year it was during Christmas. I saw a halo glow from our spare bedroom door and felt his spirit as I walked towards it. I tell my mother each time this happens. She's always amused but I know she doesn't believe me. It's very frustrating! I also experience déjà vie frequently and am very intuitive to others ideas and feelings. It's getting very strange since we've moved to a new town 800km away. Any suggestions? I can recite word by word sometimes what someone is going to say to my fiancé even before a stranger says it, I know I've been there before. It's strange to say the least. I also have extremely vivid dreams. Looking for advice, should I forget about it or embrace it!? On The fence. I am not a religious person by no means. I'm mostly a naturalist and don't worship any higher being other than than of the power of enlightenment. And believe me I am enlightened every day. The world will reveal to you, what you need it to when you need it. Seize the day. Please don't let any of your religious or political views keep you from giving feedback. I simply want to know if there is anyone else out there like me. Am I alone? Am I weird? I can't get a grasp on the reality of it all. Is there something I am meant to see? Why doesn't anybody understand it? Can I be cured of seeing everything all the time? Please If you have the answers to any of questions I welcome the guidance. I can also email you if you prefer not to speek on a public forum.

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