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Can This Be Real Or Am I Just A Great Guesser


For as long as I could remember I have always had a knack for guessing. Not simply and A. Or B. Answer But out of the blue pulled from the sky guess. I get feeling for when people are going to be pulled over or have any crazy accident. I.E. Tire blow out. I've always thought it was just me being a great guesser, until recently.

The puzzle pieces fell into place in April of 2013. But to explain I have to go back to January... I Had this Urge to get a hold on a Woman whom I grew up with and Loved as if she were my mother Sue. I needed to talk to her or just see if she was ok. So I searched FB for her. I didn't find her, only her son Whom just posted pictures of Sue looking Happy/Healthy. So I let my fear subside and figured she was fine, I would even have dreams of her weeks later talking to me only in past situations. Flash forward to April Sue's daughter Messaged me on FB letting my know her mother passed on Feb 11th. I cried for an hour and then felt this Overwhelming feeling of warmth and I knew in my MIND, HEART, The depths of my very soul that Sue was At Peace and Happy. I dreamt of her again that night she talked to me Clear as Day reminding me she was with me Loved me and She was Happy. Since that day I feel no sadness for her passing.

Then I felt like I needed to make sure My Old Friend Richard was ok. Same Scenario unfolded except this is different. He visit me in my dreams like every week. He isn't at peace since he committed suicide. He wants me to Write his GirlFriend whom is suffering because of her loss. I don't know what to do. It feels like a key has unlocked inside of me and I can't close this door. I feel like I am going crazy. Is this Real or am I just imagining these things. I don't want to write this girl telling her "Yeah your boyfriend died but he sleeps next to you every night and is sorry he left you."

But ever since this year I think I have opened myself up. I have dreams constantly now of people just talking to me. I find myself looking online for people I don't know. I talk to my husband about my experiences with details like Ashley Age 16 but almost 17 *she made this clear to me* Died 2005 Car accident Modesto. Search online and their she is, her face looking at me. Died 3 days before her 17th birthday. My husband is shocked.

Please don't tell me I am crazy I need to know how I can handle this,

I have 4 children who are just as sensitive as me. I don't what them to be scared.

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Disappearing_Girl (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Wow, you have quite a gift. Don't let it scare you. Have you tried meditation? It will help to sort things out and can intensify your gift as well. Is it something you would like to further your ability in, or something you want to go away?

In what way are your children sensitive, a medium way the same as you?

If you would like information I have some friends that are very smart on the subject. Feel free to email me at disappearing.girl13 [at], I check that more often than this site.


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