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Too Many Dreams Come True


I've been dreaming the future for as long as I can remember and have never really had a problem with it. I mainly just disregard the dreams entirely but they always seem to stick in my head. It's usually just harmless stuff. For example I was back in middle school and I had just moved to a new school. I had a dream the day before about me and a classmate leaving a classroom and speaking nothing but gibberish. I had woken up and didn't regard the dream as anything special until my homeroom class let out and me my friend began a conversion an gibberish. We weren't saying words just noises that fit together like in my dream.

Dreams like that became a common thing even as I moved on to high with my "vision" count steadily increasing. I thought it was kind of neat that I had this ability but I didn't share it with anyone for fear of being called crazy. Only until after high when I was around 18 or 19 did the dreams star to become a bit more intense. Nothing violent but they began to feel more real and I could catch the vision as they happen but never induce a dream. They always happened at random. Very rarely did I have a waking vision. A good example would be once back when I was moving from middle school to high school I was sitting on my bed and one of my friends was over. I began to feel slightly light headed so I laid back and rested my head on my pillow. Suddenly when I closed my eyes I had a faint image in my head of me at a computer looking at a picture I had never seen. About two or three years later I was talking with a friend over instant messaging. They had sent me a picture they wanted me to see over the computer. I instantly remembered my vision of the picture.

The dreams continued like that until recently. I had a very vivid dream of me standing over a young mans body in a bathroom. He was about in his mid to early twenty's if I had to guess. He was dead. I believe the cause was suicide. I saw a dark colored image around his wrists so I believe he slashed them, I looked over to see a girl curled up with her face buried in her knees and she was crying. Suddenly I began yelling: "He's still breathing!" Over and over but the girl didn't notice me. Then the vision ended as I woke up.

I've had these dreams long enough to know when it's just a dream and a vision. I want to try and stop this before it happens but I have little to go on. The vision time span between me dreaming them and them happening are sometimes days apart and other time years apart. But the intensity of the dream makes me uneasy.

I live around the Portland area in Oregon. The man that I was standing over had short black or dark brown hair and had a fit build to him. I didn't see his face but I noticed tat he had a rather this five o'clock shadow. I believe He was around five to six feet tall.

I know this is a rather vague description but It's all I have to go on. Please if you think you might know someone that fits this description and they seem depressed just talk with them and see if you can keep this from happening.

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karrawr (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-31)
That IS quite interesting, and also quite amazing.

And I totally understand the not telling people thing. I've been called crazy too many times to count. People think that we're attention seekers, but whatever.

I read about a psychic with visions that sounded much like yours. I wish I could remember her name so you could go find her on the internet. But, basically, what I got from it was that she learned to find key background details in her visions (this took time and practice) so that she could be ready for it. Also, if you start to have that fuzzy, light-headed feeling, you should ALWAYS lay down. If you're driving, pull over.

I hope you can find someone who understands visions better than I do. I have dreams like you, but usually my dreams come with symbols and I have to work it out for myself, but sometimes I get the clearer kind. I'm not practiced enough with this time of premonition, but I just wish you the best of luck. Go with it, don't be afraid, and maybe try meditating before going to bed.

I wish you the best!

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