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Is This True What I See?


This is a true story of what I seen on a hospital visit.

On Monday 3rd March 2016, I took my Mother to Abergele Hospital in North Wales to have her eyes screened for her operation.

Now I know mother panics if she gets lost, so I had a little run up to Abergele the day before to find the Hospital.

I found the hospital straight away which I was very shocked about, as I've never been to Abergele before. I have driven past it on the A55 many of times, but never driven in to the village.

On the 6th March we were driving up the drive to the hospital we were just about to cross a stone bridge, when I felt like I was wanting to flinch and swerve my car out of the way of a horse and cart! I quickly pulled my self together and thought I was just being scared, as I hate heights and narrow bridges. "Silly me" I thought to myself.

Mother asked was I ok? "yes just had a little flinch approaching the bridge that's all" and laughed at my self. As I crossed the bridge I told Mother I thought I had seen a hours coming the other way, I don't know why, I couldn't see anything that even resembled a hours!

We passed an old stone building that was not in use any more and I felt sad passing it, like it was not a nice place to be in. There was lots of trees growing all around the building leaving it all dark and sun light getting to it.

We carried on up through the narrow wooded lane that was quite dark and full of trees. At the end of this dark lane There stands a very old stone building to my left, very grand looking with large double oak doors. I pulled in to the car park and my mother and I went in to the building to the reception aria, as we needed to ask where the eye unit was?

As I stood in the reception I felt like I was in a school, as the smell of wooden floor polish tickled my nose and the quiet feeling like I had to whisper so not to disturb any one. These senses were all around me playing with my head and emotions. It was like I had been there before, but I know I haven't. I then looked up to the long corridor to my right and at that moment I thought I seen a soldier with a head bandage on him and wearing a full army uniform. He also had a walking stick in his right hand! As I blinked there was nothing there!

Dear me I think I am having some sort of flash back in time, some one that either lived here or worked there and had to go to war, or was he a patient her at some time or another.

I told my mother when we got out of the reception area what I had just seen. She knows I see things and said she would love to know the history of the building from when it was first built.

I need to know if there was a solder in this building or even worked in this building before going to war. Was it a place he felt he had to come back to or did he die there? The image was too strong and clear to be nothing.

I was told to take my mother to the top end of the building, so we had to drive up, as mother has bad Asthma and can't walk far. We got a good parking space so she didn't have to walk too far to the unit. When we were walking down the old wooden corridor that had traces of ivy that had been growing through the slats. I could see a young girl being pushed in a wheel chair by a nurse. They were both dressed in every old style clothes like from the 40s or 50s, The young girl must of been about 8 or 9 years of age and she had her leg in bandages resting on a long wooden board, this was sticking out of the chair seat.

I turned around to see if I could still see them, but I could see only a few people looking where to go or going out the building. This place is full of ghosts let me tell you that. I wish I could get the full history of this building, but there's not much on it that I can find on the internet.

If there's anyone reading this that could put light on what I have written, then I would be very grateful.

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mwilcock (11 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-09)
Thank you so much for explaining it to me.
Yes it was like watching a movie. As for the hores, that did make Me jump, as it was like it was coming straight at me. It was very quick like I was going through another time. A glimps of the past. I have read an old picture before now and I was thinking, was I doing this to the building? Was I seeing the history of the buiding? Is this called Psychometry?
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
This is called psychometry, the ability to read the energies of places and things. Feel free to email me, its in my profile
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
Hospitals in the UK and British Isles are very old and hold earth imprints. An imprint is like watching a movie. A ghost which is earth bound is different, in as they do not repeat the same action. They can also interfear with humans, some move things and can make humans sick. Some are aggressive and can appear as solid or shadows. I had read some a
Appear as fragment parts of a body part. I have not seen that, only pieces of energy moving.

Hospitals I have worked at. The energy can be strong and stagnet. Note, Hospitals had trenches in WWII and had tunnels to take patients from one area to a different location between specific building. As all of Europe has had so many invasions it brought war and invasions. The energy can be felt here. If you go to Winston Churchhills home, his wife's room has a thick cloud one would think his wife was alive. She went through so much with him and his depression called-Blackdog.

The question to ask when you saw the Horse did you feel like it walked through you? If yes you most probably experienced an earth imprint which is a memory. Even with that it can be quite over whelming as it feel and look like real time events.

Hope this helps.

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