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A Message From His Ashes


My farther past through cancer over 27 years ago now, I was with him when he took his last breath. It was about 2 or 3 days after he left us that my brother and I were just settling down for the night. Judy the dog was very unsettled and was becoming a little upset on her own down stairs. My brother had shouted from his bedroom at the dog to be quiet, as I did shortly after him.

Judy went very quiet, then I heard the sound of creeping on the landing then in to my bedroom. I looked up thinking it would be the dog that had crept up stairs. I called out to Judy expecting now she would pop her head on the bed, but no Judy appeared. I could still feel that someone or something was in my bedroom. I slid deep in to my sheets and I could hardly breathe through the fear that it could be my dad. I shouted out to my brother, "Robin is the dog in your room"? "No" he replied, "I thought it was you on the landing". He said. "No I'm in bed, I think it's dad"!I shouted back. I went in to stiff mode and not wanting to breath, Yes, I was scared stiff.

I'm sure he came back to see if we were OK, as me and my brother were only in are late teens when he past.

Now 5 may be 6 years had passed, I had a long hard day looking after my 2 children, I had gone to bed feeling Exhausted. It felt that I had just closed my eyes, when I had a visit from a lady that I have never met before, She placed me in a hall and sat me down on a wooden long bench. She showed me a round bowl and asked me to look in to it. I looked in to the bowl, It was full of Ash! I asked her why was she showing me ashes?

She replied "This is all that is left of your farther" I looked up at her quite shocked that she was showing me something like this.

Why are you showing me my dad's ashes? I asked. "He wants you to pass a message on to your mother," she said. You must tell her to stop going to the garden of remembrance and stop crying as she is stopping him from crossing over, he wants to move on. His message is, please let me go Emily and let me move on.

She showed me the Ashes again and said, "look, that is all he is now, just Ashes", You will tell your mother as she will listen to you.

I woke up feeling shocked what I had just seen and heard.

The following morning I visited my eldest sister Gwen, I told her what had happened to me regarding the message I was asked to give mum. As I leaned on her large bay window I knocked over a small photo. "who is this lady in this photo"? I asked.

"This is the lady that was showing me the bowl of dads Ashes", I said. As she looked at the photo I could see he mouth drop open. This woman is a medium from Australia. "It's my best friends friend". She said. Gwen told me to tell mum what has happened, "leave it up to her to make that decision", she said. I took my sisters advice and told mum that same day.

It took my mum a good 12 months to stop going to the garden of remembrance and accept what I said, but she done it, which may I just say, I am very pleased about as it must of been very hard for her to do.

Another year or so had passed. I gave myself an early night as by this time I was about 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child, I heard my dad as clear as day say "Thank you, I can now cross over. I am still with you all, Tell your mother I love her very much and thank her for letting me go". I woke up the following morning feeling really happy, pleased he came to me himself to thank me. I gave mum the message from dad which all so gave her peace of mind.

I know he's never far from us all and we all love him very much.

We will meet again that I'm sure of.

Thank you for reading. X mwilcock x

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