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Are Medium Abilities Dangerous?


I have had many different "odd" experiences, they started when I was about 10. I have always been interested in the paranormal, and I believe this is why these things happen to me. My first encounter was when my friend and I were sitting in my library (which I believe is haunted), we were sitting side by side and all of a sudden I saw a glowing greenish/yellow light in front of us. Before I could say anything, she asked me if I had licked her neck. Which of course, I hadn't.

A few years after that experience I was walking from my bedroom to the bathroom, (across the hall), my brothers room was right across from mine, and next to the bathroom. A few steps into the hall, I had this feeling somebody was there, coming out of my brothers room was a young boy, he was older then my brother was at the time, but he resembled him greatly, and he was also wearing the same clothes my brother had. I was confused and I asked it a question. "Logan, what are you doing out of bed?" Before this time, I had thought it was my brother, when I spoke to it, it slowly looked up at me, and it had coal black eyes. Otherwise, it looked like any other person, except much more pale. It continued to walk down the hall towards me, and then it vanished.

On two separate occasions I saw a friend of mine walking, (I had been on my way to meet her), and she vanished into the bushes, so I was calling out to her, saying I already saw her, when she came walking up her driveway (about a quarter mile away) wearing the same thing I had previously seen "her" wearing.

The other occasion, was when I was at her house, I watched her get up and walk across the room, and so I followed her, and it was as if I was in some sort of zone, I couldn't hear anything around me, until my shirt was being pulled on and I was snapped back into reality, and she had never moved from where she was.

Aside from seeing people, there are many other odd things that have occurred, some subtle, some not so much.

I know this isn't the dream forum, so I won't go into detail, but I have two different types of dreams, the real ones, and the ones that are just simply pieced together thoughts. The "Real" dreams only happen occasionally, and they are very clear to me, very detailed, and it never fails, bits and pieces of them come true within a few months, I have also noticed people I dream about are very significant in my life.

I had a dream that my dad had a heart attack, two weeks later we found out he has a heart condition that could be life threatening.

I dreamt for two years that I was pregnant, every single dream I lost the baby. Recently I had a miscarriage.

Now, here is where the weird things begin:

I am able to tell if people have an evil side to them, I am somehow able to sense it.

I can also tell some people's pasts even without speaking to them, and I don't truly find out it's real until later when I am told, or find out about it a different way.

Another thing I have been able to do to quite some extent is mind read, but I can't do it with everybody, it almost feels as if some people can block me out, while others think openly and have no walls there.

I have severe anxiety, and it occurs horribly right before something bad happens.

I don't understand the aura that people are speaking of, I don't think I see a colour around people, but I can sense if the person is dark or good, if that makes sense?

Another one that other people see quite easily that I can do is I can communicate with animals in a sense. It's not as if I can "hear" what they are saying, but I can see it in their eyes and feel what they are wanting. I also pick up animals personalities very quickly, every animal I have ever met has a different "voice", again I don't hear it out loud, it's more of a thought/ in my head experience.

Another thing that I have noticed is my pupils are always really dilated, and I am not taking any medications, or doing any drugs. My eyes change colours with my moods, and I can not see in 3D at all. I don't know if any of that is relevant though.

So here are some questions that I have:

1. Why can some people block me out and others can't?

2. Are these medium abilities? If not, is there a correct term for this?

3. It comes and goes, is there a reason why, and can I strengthen it to make it stay?

4. Sometimes I sense demonic presences. What can I do? If I have these abilities, is there a way to protect ones self against demons/ unwanted spirits?

5. Can spirits communicate through visions/ other people?

Mostly I would just like someone to explain how this works, and I would like to hear some stories of other people who are having the same or similar experiences.

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delta903 (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
meditate and spend time in deep thought in a relaxed state by clearing your mind and being receptive to elements around you, also make sure you have no distractions in your body, the more relaxed the better receptive you are to your abilities, if you clear your mind you communicate via your unconscious mind which I believe to be the source to supernatural abilities (because dreams originate from the subconscious thus predictions and visions) so keep the bridge connected between those to areas and make sure to keep a healthy diet as well, some foods will repress your natural body or enhance it depending (an example would be caffeine or sugar etc.)
hug100 (126 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
Date: 2012-07-17
Well I am not able to answer every thing I can answer some at least. I think those who are able to block you out of their thoughts do have some sort of a barrier around them. A barrier can be made around you of things like happy thoughts and protective thoughts, some people even use protective spells but it is far easier to use thoughts. I keep a shield of white light around me to protect from unwanted presences. And I do think these are possibly medium abilities but I can't help on strengthening them. I think the reason why it comes and goes is just fluctuation in the brain and how attuned to it you are that day. I my self have the troubles of one day being highly attuned and the next not very well attuned to it. I have had spirits speak to me through visions and dreams so that I do know they can do but I've never had one talk to me through other people so I can't say for that one. Sorry that this is so long I do hope this helps you though. ❤ May love and light guide and protect you. ❤

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