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Your Heart Is Breaking


It was on a lovely warm sunny morning in May of 2011, a perfect morning to have a good spring clean around the house. After cleaning the kitchen and hall floors, I decided to have a cup of tea in the back garden while the floors dried. My eldest daughter came round to see me, It was a lovely surprize as I was not expecting any visitors at all that day. We exchanged hugs and I pulled a garden chair out for her as she was 7 months pregnant at that time. Conversation was going well, when all of a sudden, I could see her with her head in her hands! Crying uncontrollably. Although Rachel was still talking to me I could not hear what she was saying as all I could see was this very distraught and grieving person sitting in front of me.

"mum" are you ok?" I quickly come back to reality with a bump. "Sorry Rachel I'm not sure what had just happen, but I felt I had just had a glimpse of the future! I told Rachel what had just happened and she was quite taken back. She replied "Owe god mum I hope nothing is going to happen to me?" "No" laughing at myself, but I had an ache in my heat for her. Rachel soon went home to do her cleaning, 3 hours went by why my phone rang. It was Rachel screaming, "My dog has been stolen out of the back yard". Her dog is like a baby to her and her partner. I quickly put the phone down and went round to see her. As I walked into the kitchen, I held my arms out to her. Her eyes all red and swollen "Mum, I seen him lean over the fence and grab her" Rachel put her head in her hands and cried uncontrollably. "it's like having my baby taken off me" she explained.

The police were on their way and I got Rachel to sit down as she can't do much now. Her partner rushed through the front door, he was shouting out he was going to kill the thieving bugger (nicely put) Her partner start shouting at Rachel asking her why did she leave the dog in the yard? Rachel was explaining, she started to mop the floor so put the dog out. Rachel again sat next to me and was breaking her heart. The police arrived, with details of a van that was in the area when it happened as a member of the public reported what they seen. Rachel once again crying and begging the police to bring her dog back. Then police officer had a call saying they have the van with the dog in the back. Rachel and her partner were so excited that all the tears were turned to joy and again Rachel stood up with her head in her hands crying, so hard the whole of her body as shaking. For that brief moment of holding her in my arms, that image came back to me. Rachel looked at me with tears in her eyes, "you were right mum" I hugged her and whispered, " your ok and that's what matters Rachel, yes your heart was broken but you have a happy ending".

Seeing was believing, I never thought for one minuet I would see her doing what I had seen, when sitting in my back garden having a cup of tea.

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