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Can Spirits Meet You In Your Dream?


I had a dream I saw a spirit. A little girl and I was afraid but only because in my head I just knew (like a matter of fact kind of feeling) that this was a spirit, my first spirit. She was a little girl around 4-6 years old with brown skin (similar to African Americans) and a big head with some kind of oval print in the middle of her head. She did not speak just stared at me. I remember saying "What do you want?" but the only thought that came was that she was Cambodian (had no idea what a Cambodian was). I'm for certain that she put it in my head. She looked from ancient times. I remember just knowing she wasn't from this time. But after I asked her who she was and only received that she was Cambodian. I woke up. And now I want to see her again. Why did she visit me? Could she have been an ancestor? How can I contact her again? She has been on my mind everyday since I had that dream (which was about three days ago). What message was she trying to bring? Sometimes I wonder if she was an ancestor of mine. A spirit guide of sorts. But honestly it is driving me crazy that I won't know who she was. However what I do know is that I found out there were indeed black Cambodians a loooong time ago. I Googled pictures and saw pictures from loooong ago and it looked like she could fit right in the time I was looking at. I saw articles talking about a genocide a long time ago. It's kind of hard to search information with little detail and nothing else to go much on. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I'm for sure it was a psychic experience. How can I contact this little girl? And what do you think this experience was? Not sure what to think. But I do know she was real. She felt real.

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AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-19)
I have actually had something similar to this occur. My fiancé and I just recently moved to a new house, he came before me. His first night here he screwed a new globe around the light on the ceiling fan on the patio and he knew for sure he screwed it on tightly. Well about an hour later, him and his work buddy were sitting out on the patio and the globe just suddenly comes flying off the ceiling fan (that wasn't on mind you) and crashed and shattered on the floor. Needless to say it freaked the guys out to the point where they went outside of the screened porch and over to the driveway. About 10 minutes passes and my fiancé goes inside and immediately gets a rush of comfort as soon as he enters the house and isn't scared anymore. Fast forward to me moving in and I'm very sensitive to energies and I knew there was a couple people here. I had yet to figure out who exactly though. Somehow, in my mind, I just knew one of them was a lady. I just knew it. Then one night I have a dream that my sister in law was living at the house with us (something we had actually discussed before) and we were getting ready to go out that night. Well in my dream I walked into my bathroom and I saw a shadow of a woman on the wall but there was no one in the room. I made a startled little gasp and the shadow quickly turned around and gasped same as I did and disappeared and I woke up. Immediately I knew she was a mom, never talked to her or anything I just knew she was a middle aged lady who was a mom. That also explained why my fiancé felt comforted when he came back in the house, something a mother would do. I've been blessed with the ability to talk to beings in my mind and only recently did I get a chance to have a conversation with her. I've heard a comment from her before of her liking my earrings but I couldn't talk back before. This time however, she confirmed that she was indeed the one in my dream and she apologized for the way she acted, it just surprised her that I could see her.
AnnaVP (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-11)
In reading your story, I notice you mention you 'knew' the little girl was a spirit, you 'knew' she was from Cambodia and you just 'knew' she wasn't from this time, which indicates your innate psychic ability. (Information was already being transmitted) You instinctively asked her 'What do you want' - a good question. 'Who are you?' is another to keep in mind when something similar, occurs again. If you haven't started one already, I suggest you make notes in a journal and keep it by your bedside. Use one side of the page only so that if you receive or research additional information, you can enter it down. Write down any similar experiences as and when they occur: the date and what occurred, deep, meaningful dreams, etc. Rest in the knowledge you had a psychic experience and you are open to more. They happen when you least expect them. Entering these experiences into a journal will encourage your ability to flow. All good wishes. Anna spiralsoflight (at)

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