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I Foretold The D.c. Sniper


This instance is the most psychic experience I have ever had. I test horribly for any psychic abilities. I can by no means predict anything at-will. The following situation, however, happened to me.

It was revealed to me through a dream, but I promise it requires no interpretation. The message was loud and clear.

An avid news junkie, I was riveted to the screen in October of 2002 during the Beltway sniper shootings. I prayed for the innocent victims and was grateful I was 1600 miles away.

Though it fit statistically, I grew frustrated with the forensic psychologist's profile of the white man in a white van. It was clearly yielding no results. I remarked to myself one night before going to sleep, "This profile just must be wrong."

I woke the next morning with a start. The last image before my sleeping eyes was of a snapshot. The photograph was old and faded. It showed a very tall, thin, African-American male in a dark green Army-issue jacket. His head and face were clean-shaven, and his features resembled Denzel Washington, but elongated. He was staring into the camera, not smiling, while a long rifle stood on end next to his leg.

I did not know his name, but weeks before he was captured I saw the face of John Allen Muhammad in my dream.

But I was deeply embarrassed at what I dreamt. I feared it revealed a strain of subconscious racism I am against with my whole heart. I felt I should contact authorities, but I held no credit with them as a psychic. I thought my accusation would be viewed as ridiculous. I thought it was ridiculous.

I must also say my precognition was incomplete as I did not dream of his young accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo. Yet I dreamt of Muhammad weeks before he was found. I was not surprised to see Muhammad's face on the television when he was apprehended. His hair was longer, he was a bit older, but it was undoubtedly him.

I could have picked him from a line-up.

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Frozenteem (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-26)
Interesting I personal was to young the to remember the event but some times things like this happen maybe the spirits of the world was trying to help prevent it and you just dint know 😉

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