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Make The Best Of Ghost Seeing


My real name is Angela and ever since I was a little tiny toddler I could always see things a lot of people I know can't.It's been kind of hard cause I will be getting a lot of headaches and ghost popping up at school and wanting to talk with me. Only my best friend know what is going on and how I lived with seeing ghost. I see diffrent kind of ghost all the time. Some are strange and some are really nice and good to talk to. Then there things I see that are not so nice. I still have some brusis because getting some not so cool ghost angry but they leave me alone. I can also sence when there is evil force.Well, back to topic even though it gets hard its O.K I smile through it is still awesome most of the time. So anybody who doesn't know what to do just make the best of it. Like I do even when I was little I made it a great to do something cool. I still remember when I saw my first ghost. I was 3 years old and I was out side waiting to go to Chuckie cheese. That is when I saw a girl my age her name was Annie and she said if I wanted to play and we played until my mom asked who was I talking to. I remembered saying it was Annie she told me no one was there. Ever since I been see them and a lot of other things. I still see her today and she still cool but it's pretty annoying when she vanish for a period of time. So like I was saying earlier I made something that would scare most people I live it. Noting is wrong about it I like it it's a nice life even though it gets annoying. Sincerly:Angela

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