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I'm looking for some help in breaking telepathy connection that I have with a person. It took a big toll on my life. I'm not looking for a relationship when I met this man at office since I'm already in relationship. When I first saw him, I felt strong pull from his eyes and I immediately turned my head and for about almost 4 months I just focused onmy work I didn't even remember him. But we work in very close proximity so I saw him one day and as he reminds me of someone I knew. So I was trying to recollect his name but we were from completely different cultures no way I could know his name. After that I predicted his name it popped up in my thoughts and next day when I saw his name badge I was totally shocked. Ever since that day lot of strange things happened and I couldn't resist the urge to talk to him. Too much pull and I always felt so heavy and emotional as if I was inside of a big bubble. On daily basis I predict things that he would do after sometime and I confirmed with somethings and he said what I predicted was correct. I always see 11:11 number wherever I go. I feel so deep for him that I was in a position I can not cope up with my daily work. Suddenly I start feeling small visions and thoughts feelings and it makes me cry. Many times I felt like a full length conversation between us in my head and the next day he would do whatever I say him to do. I told him lot of things that happened and he is actually a very nice guy. Understanding and polite. And once he knew I'm not single he cut me off completely but still stares at me everyday and sometimes I feel like there is lot of love in his eyes he hides. We never expressed anything to each other and its just platonic friendship. To break this connection I quit my job but I feel like it ripped me apart that I can no longer see him. We don't talk anymore. Still I suddenly feel like a pain in heart and I still feel telepathic connection with him. But please help how can I cut this off. All the time his name appears on tv or books and I see or hear dialogues that feels like they come from him as if they are answers to the questions I ask in my mind.

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starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-01)
I don't know for sure, but I would research how to cut cords the way empaths must do in order not to absorb negative energy from others.

And I would hate to add to your confusion, but the way you are describing the situation, he sounds like he could be your soul mate. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are meant to be together in this life, and you will have many lives in the future to find each other again. Perhaps his soul unconsciously missed you deeply and seeked you out. It will take a lot of meditation and soul searching on your part to ever know the truth.

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