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Headaches Dreams


First off this is my first post on here I've always been drawn to reading about different abilities, paranormal. I have been past of a paranormal group and heard voices in my inner ear clear as day. Later I tell the other members about it and we go back to review our evidence and there is it only on my recorder.

Back when I was a kid I lived near a old battle field. I always heard strange noises bangs on the walls to foot steps. A few times I actually saw a old Confederate soldier. Can still remember every detail like it just happened.

Just a off the wall thing. When we were driving after a really bad storm I looked up at the sky and was like there's weird lights the road is closed and a few minutes later we came to a down tree in the road with a crew trying to remove it.

I always was you have a phone call and no more then a few seconds later the phone rings.

Now fast forward a few years and now I am starting to get headaches and have had dreams that come true. The time for that is months ahead though. Very vivid dreams as they are still stuck in my head.

One dream, that's I was taken to a bright room for surgery on my hand. This would be my second surgery. But here's the details. In my dream I was laying there and they bright lights and then they start operating. The pain and being able to feel where the cut was. Woke up in pain. The surgery was a wide awake surgery. Then a few months later I go for surgery and they start to cut and I looked over and was like I feel them operating. This was a wide awake surgery to check tendon function. The doctor even showed me the inside of my hand. Very cool when you can't feel it.

I didn't pay much attention to this one like I was excepting it. I later saw in my phone that I indeed wrote it down the night I had the dream. It fit everything to a tee.

What really brought light for me to start looking in again. Was a very personal dream. Thought it was just a bad dream until a few months later.

So I am just interested on learn more.

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Lyro (468 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Headaches are normal actually, think of it like your body isn't used to things that you're doing. Once it gets more used to it, the headaches will pass. It's like going to work out, your muscles will be sore and ache the next day, but then the next time you go to work out, you'll be able to do more with no pain. You're stretching a different kind of muscle, but same concept. I've known people, as well as myself had dreams that have come true. It depends on how you think of time. There is no real past or present, only moments of time that have happened, and have yet to happen. Normally we're drawn to events that will affect us personally, or will cause almost a ripple of emotional energy that we feel coming. Since it's a moment of time, it's already essentially happened, just at a different moment in time. If you try to think about it too much it'll make your head hurt. The easiest way to think of it would be like waves, what caused the wave will vary, but instead of waiting to get on the other side we're peering through the wave itself, it's already happening at that moment, just a little down the way.
~ Lyro

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