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A Day Of Telepathy


I was 16 years old then. Me and my best friend, Shannah, have been interested in paranormal and psychic abilities ever since I was able to occasionally move things around (but that was another story). During vacant hours, we always hang out at our provincial library to read books or talk about information and theories we've researched and learned so far. And every after school, we stay at the park to practice and figure out how to make psychic abilities work. We tried to do simple exercises said to heighten or make psychic abilities work. The books were not cult-like or anything like that, it were just simple, guessing exercises and putting will-power-into-practice kind of things.

Anyway, so, we were practicing and trying out things for weeks, but to no vain, it seemed that nothing seem to work. We were swinging back and forth at a swing at our friend's village back then... We were alternately trying to see what item each other is thinking of... We were about to lose hope that it'll ever work. My best friend suggested that we pray first, maybe it'll help. So for a moment, we stopped swinging... We closed our eyes and prayed silently. Here's the thing... So, my eyes are closed and (apart from the scattered colored dots, like that of a connection-less tv) black is the only color that I see, right? But then, the colored dots seem to gather themselves around. The white dots started to form the top of a triangle, then it's 2 other points, then started going diagonally again. Basically, it formed a top of a Christmas tree. As the white dots continue to form a tree, other colors started to gather around (but more scattered and less concentrated than the white ones), there was diagonal blues, and splotches of green and red. When the Christmas tree was halfway done, I commented to no one in particular, " It's like Christmas."

I almost fell down on the swing when my best friend suddenly shouted, "WHAAT?! What did you say?!". I told her that it was like Christmas, that I saw a Christmas tree forming. She was like, "What- How did yo-? What did you exactly see?!" So, I told her that I saw the white dots forming the tree and splotches of colors gathering around. And guess what? She finishes every description I was going to tell her. We saw the exact same thing on our minds. It was awesome! Okay, so what happened after that? We tried doing our guessing games again, and we were able to answer each and every single one of them in great detail. We are very ecstatic! It finally worked.

When I got home, I called out my mom and my brothers. I told them what happened. I am very open to my family, so they are aware with these things but I don't think they actually believe me. Anyway, so my brothers wanted me to try it to them. My big brother and I closed our eyes and I told him to think of something. And so he did. I told him to think of JUST ONE thing, because I was seeing a lot of things, and enumerated everything I saw, like a rocket turned to a shirt turned to a bottle, etc. I opened my eyes and saw him gawking at me like I'm some sort of an alien. He asked me, how did I do that. I just smiled. We tried it several times, and every time his face was smiling ear to ear, he can't seem to believe what is happening and believing it at the same time.

My younger brother also wanted to try it out. I asked my big brother to not think of something, since I need to connect to my other brother. And so we began. I wasn't able to see anything for a bit. But then I saw the silhouette of a pair of shoes. So I asked him if it is what he was thinking. He said it wasn't, then I saw my big bro, smiling and he said, he was the one thinking of a pair of shoes. It turns out my lil bro was thinking of a page of a calendar. I don't really know how this telepathy thing really works, so I can't explain what happened. We just have theories. Maybe, there's a way to connect and disconnect minds. Maybe, I still can't see actual words at that newly-awakened level. There are a lot of maybe's, but sadly, I won't be able to know them now. Why?

So, our mom was just silently watching us that time. When she finally talked, she asked me to stop what it is that I'm doing. We asked her why. She said it isn't safe to use abilities like this. I was insistent, I told her nothing bad will happen. A little moment after that conversation, my big bro was complaining of a headache. It was escalating. She was giving me the "I-told-you-so look". I felt responsible, and I got scared. So, I told her I'm not going to use it again. My head started to ache after that.

And now, I am wishing to have my ability back. Because I have realized that, what happened back then to my head was just like a muscle getting a gym work out for the first time. Of course it'll get hurt. But if you practice it regularly, it'll get better, not just better but great. Sadly, I willed my mind to close that ability that night. And no matter what I do. I can't make it work again. Or can I?

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moonlitpath (3 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
[at] BabySing54, actually, we do have other family members with abilities. My aunt in particular, she sometimes have premonitions and she can make people uncomfortable or be sidetracked on what they're saying by just looking at them. She can also sometimes see things. Her daughters also have abilities I think. There was one time, when me and my mom were spending the night at their place, we happen to talk about these kind of things. My aunt told me of some of the weird stuff going on with their house and my cousins. My aunt has 3 beautiful young girls. One night when she is about to sleep, the oldest, Mae-mae, suddenly stood up and exclaimed, "Mom! Mom! Grace is going outside! Call her back! Call her back!" But my Aunt saw that Grace (the second oldest) is actually sleeping beside her, but she's a little too warm. She told Mae-mae so, but my cousin won't stop yelling. So she said, "Grace! Come back here! Lie down beside me!" After she said that, Mae-Mae stopped yelling and silently went back to bed. Grace's temperature, on the other hand, went back to normal. Okay, so that night, when we (my aunt, my mom, and I) were talking about that, the two of us felt a presence. We fell silent, and I saw a black shadow standing on her right. Then it was gone. I asked her if she also saw it. She said she did. My mom's confused on what we're talking about. I don't know. I am still a bit scared, at the same time ecstatic, when it comes to these things. Where do these abilities even come from? Do you have any idea?
BabySing54 (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-14)
You still have the ability, but you are fighting it out of fear. Your mother's words are haunting you. I just wonder if your mother knows of other family members who have experienced this gift, and that is where her fear comes from. Your brothers' minds were wide open to you and they might have the ability also. Just keep 'like minded' friends around you and try with them, like you did with your friend. Talk to you mom about it and ask her if she knows of others in your family who were like you. This is just my opinion. It will come back, just do not force it like you did with your brothers. Let it flow.

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