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Believing Is Becoming


I am about to tell the story on how I started being interested on psychic stuff.

I was 1st year in high school then, about 14 years old. We were supposed to have a choral practice, but it got suspended. So, me and my choir members decided to just hang out for a while. One of the topics we happen to talk about is telekinesis. I have no idea what it is that time. Then they explained it, and we all wonder if it is even possible at all. A few more hours of chit chat and we decided to go on our ways, but I still can't get my head off of telekinesis.

It's about 2pm, and I still don't want to go home so I went to a restaurant to eat. There's a very few people there that time and the music is very relaxing. All throughout my meal, I am thinking of telekinesis and I keep wondering if I can do it. I was staring at the striped straw on my drink as I wonder. Suddenly, the straw moved. That time, half of my mind was thinking that it's just a trick of light, and the other half was wondering if it really moved.

The thing is, that time, I wasn't shocked or startled, in fact I felt so calm and serene (maybe because of the music). Now, I focused on the straw again, and it really moved, it was rotating itself (I can tell because of the stripes) at the same time, it revolves around the interior of the empty glass of my drink. It was moving very slowly not as fast as you might probably be imagining. When I looked around to see if other people are seeing this, it stopped. When I focused on it again, it started rotating and revolving again, more quickly now. That is when, I started to realize and BELIEVE that I am really using telekinesis. I felt very elated, I was smiling ear to ear.

I looked around. I looked at the door, a glass door with a metal handle similar to that of fast food chains. I looked at it perhaps a little too long since it suddenly opened as if an invisible customer entered the place. I was startled, also the crew at the counter was startled. He was probably befuddled at what happened. You see, the door can't be easily opened. Even with my physical body I still need to lean on it for it to open, but using my mind, it's just like a piece of cake. Or is it really my mind that open the door wide? That time I started to DOUBT myself, I can't possibly do that. Maybe it's just the wind? But a wind can't do that. Maybe an invisible customer really opened that door. Come on. Well, it's just that my mind cannot process what just happened. Well, how could I, it's my first time to ever see, much less do, something that defy the laws of the universe. So, I gathered my things and went home.

Don't get the wrong idea, I did try to make things move again using my mind, but with the seed of doubt planted on me... I just can't. Next thing I knew, I was spending my vacant hours at the library researching about telekinesis. That's where I learned all about psychics and the different forms of psychic abilities. I also met a friend with the same interests as mine, I already mentioned her at the other post. Little by little, I can move things again, but with a lot less intensity as before, and often erratic. By erratic, I mean it comes in uneven patterns, slow then fast, doesn't move then moves. Simply put, I can't harness it.

But there was a time that I did fully control it. Remember that time when I had telepathy for one day? I also showed my family my telekinesis ability that time. I was able to swing one particular School I.D. Back and forth on the rack where we hang all our I.D.'s without moving or affecting the other hanged I.D.'s. It was swinging like crazy. Actually, that's what made my mom scared in the first place, that she told me to stop whatever it is that I'm doing. I guess it's a lot less scarier if you can't physically see weird things going on. And if you did see it physically, people's mind just can't comprehend it.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did lose my telekinesis along with my telepathic ability that night. But I have faith that it'll come around. Not now, but someday. I just need to believe, right?

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