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Becoming Someone Or Something Else


I would like to start of by saying my mother was Pagan up until my younger brother was born. I'm not quite sure if that has anything to do with my recent experiences. Lately something has felt right. I feel like there is another person in my body with me. I have thought of the possibility of me having a mental disorder but this is different.

It's only started recently. It started small at first. My eyes would tingle and I would feel strange, then my eyes would burn and few times they bled. Nothing super theatrical just a little blood. My eyes got very blurry. I went to an eye doctor and they said my eyes are fine.

The problem continued and then developed into something entirely different. I could feel something wrong with my eyes, almost as if they were changing completely. I caught it on camera more than once. I didn't intend to get the photos I was just taking selfies. I looked at the photos and saw my dark brown eyes were blue/gray. I normally take a lot of selfies and then decide which ones I want. So it was not a change in lightning or even angle.

Also I have been getting urges to do things that are unlike me. I have been able to control them but I feel like if I don't do them I will be unhappy. I also have been able to somewhat control things around me. I'm also very good at knowing what people are going to say/do. I never have been able to do those things before which is alarming but also neat. I'm a beginner in Wicca practices however I haven't done anything big. I don't know what's going on but I do know it feels strange.

I believe one of the most extreme things that has happened was a vivid death dream. I know this is not a dream site but the dream I had may help explain things. I fell asleep and there was nothing. It was like I entered a void. I was convinced I was dead and I had accepted it but I woke up out of breath. That happened before anything with my eyes and personality. Please if you have any idea what is happening to me let me know. I'm also interested if you have gone through this and if you have any tips to control it.

Thank you so much.

Sending positive vibes


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RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-08-15)
It sounds like you are having a very strange awakening experience, I am fairly sure I have heard of physical changes during awakening before, but can't recall. Usually this would change your thoughts or personality as well, what kind of urges are you having? I can probably offer further help if you send me a message at shanon.beck1 [at]
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-14)
I think a soul is trying to merge with yours but in ways that are more harmful to you than beneficial. Since you say you are a beginner at Wicca practices, I'd suggest starting with cleansing and self protecting spells/etc before you try anything else. It's always good to provide for yourself with a solid base of light and protection when practicing anything.

The void you speak of and you accepting that you were dead (as you said you really thought you were in the dream) could have been you allowing the entity merging with you, without you realizing you have done so.

In my experience, merging with energies is never really a good idea unless they are your twin flame/etc. I'd resist the changes going on with your body and break the bond that allows the entity to merge with your own energy. To break it in your case, I'd look into your dream more and then see what in that dream allowed you and that energy to start merging, and then make what permission that dream contracted become invalid.

Sorry if I made explaining this last part confusing, let me know if you need clarification!
Avi (16 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-14)
I'm not sure if you view all of these happenings as something positive or negative... But I must admit, it's unsettling. Consider this- entering a 'void' after death would be considered 'purgatory.' If you were in purgatory in a death dream, I would take it as a serious warning you that you are on the wrong path... My advice- don't dabble in wicca. I know it seems enticing, but you are likely inviting too much evil into your life and it is manipulating you into making poor choices... Even changing you.

If you are truly curious about the deep reality that surrounds us, check out my blog:

James-Wandler (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Tori, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]

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