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Weird Things Happening! Is It Just Me?


The other night I had this dream about a man in a black cloak and a mask which I can't seem to describe. It was quite frightening to look at from what I remember, (he was very tall around 7-8 foot) I knew in the dream he would come if I made a loud noise. He protected me from a man trying to hurt me, but then he was trying to hunt me down too? He kissed me and was about to hurt me I think? I couldn't remember as I woke up at that point, I didn't feel scared or in danger though. But I do remember looking for a light and not being able to switch it on and they I felt him near. I dream of strange things a lot when it comes to dark figures, but this one felt very real and has been bothering me since I had it. I know this isn't a dream site so I will obviously say other things that have happened. I was getting ready one day for work and a mist of for flew past me. No windows were open, it couldn't have come from anywhere and it moved in a strange day. In the morning my boyfriend said he had awoken to someone furiously knocking on the door, (it wasn't anyone as no one was in and the doors were locked.) I always feel like I'm being watched and see the occasional shadow go past me. I have noticed a lot of the time that on the left side of my shoulder it always feels heavy or like there is a presence there. Sometimes I think I can hear my name being called when no one has. I also have a tendancy to predict when something bad will happen, or if I'm thinking of something, it will come true. I have always been quite a spiritual person, not with religion, mainly just like a spiritualist who likes to believe anything is possible. Is it just me? What do you guys think? Serious answers only please!

Vicky xx

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Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Hello there Vicky,

A lot of times, when we sleep, because of the fact that we are on our most vulnerable state, a lot of demonic entities, grab the chance, and try to mess with our energy and our minds.

It is quite common, for demons to appear in the form or role of someone who is protecting us or wish to help us, but in truth they want nothing but to trick us into believing so. So, no wodner your dream felt confusing. How can someone be nice and bad at the same time?

Energies exist everywhere around us, good and bad, conscious and non conscious, entities, creatures, beings, who some stand in the Light and some in the Darkness.

There are three basic ways, that one can protect themselves from energies, through energy.

1) You need to make sure you keep your own self cleansed, clean of all foreign and harmful energies, as they can add in to your own stress and whatever negative you are feeling, and make everything worse. The way I do it, is through prayer. God, is the only true and pure Light source, and is powerful against eveyrthing dark that might be threatening your well being. So, what I would like you to do, is take a feww deep breaths, pray, and ask of Him to allow His light to fill you. (This has nothing to do with religions, or whatever other beliefs. If you feel uncomfortable with asking help from Him, try and make some happy thoughts, happy memories), allow yourself to be filled with the warm and light feeling, warm and light energy, and keep focusing until you feel it overwhelming you, filling your entire physical body and soul, and then spread it all over you, with the intent to cleanse all harmful, demonic and foreign energies that might be lingering within your physical body and soul. Allow the Light to fill you, and bring you a clean soul and peace of mind:)

2) Next comes shielding. You follow the process I explained above, only this time, the energy concentrated inside you, visualize it creating a bubble around your physical body. The more energy you put, the thicker, stronger and long lasting, it will be. Command it to deflect all demonic, harmful and foreign energies that might try getting through. Make sure to renew it from time to time:)

3) As a help, you can try making Light orbs, with different commands in them, depending on what help you seek. Again, focus your energy, and this time, bring your palms, one in front of the other and visualize your energy spreading from your hand and ino the gap between your palms, forming a light ball. You can ask it to do whatever you want, but it's only as a help. You can ask it to cleanse you, or your head for example, or help you sustain your shields. Again, the more energy you put the stronger, thicker and long lasting it will be.

If you wish to know more, or ask whatever, don't hesitate to contact me. I have my email on my profile.

Be safe
James-Wandler (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Vicky, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]

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