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So i'm just new here, and I have been reading others experiences and I wasn't too quite sure of my own. The school that I attend is 'haunted' as the students say, because we have around 3 dungeons in our school 2 in the drama room and one around the boys toilets and I've been hearing strange experiences that teachers and students have had.

The same day my friend told me how only a few years ago her sister went to a grave yard, took a photo and in this photo you can see the orbs and a ghost with no head holding a baby, wearing a lace dress and you can see through the dress. The sister who took this photo went to the grave yard with a group of friends but the sister passed away a few months later.

I think there is around 2-3 experiences.

1. So my first experience is once in primary I had this imagine my head or it could have been a feeling I don't remember quite well but I do remember this, so one day I was just thinking about me and how I will fit in for high school. And I was thinking a lot about a new book that our teacher said we'll be starting to read the next day. And I imagined my teacher sitting in our chairs in front of the class she was sitting down, had the book opened to the first page, asking the students in the class our predictions about the book I had a strong feeling that this would happen after lunch. The next day it happened and she even wore the same clothes that I imagined she was wearing.

2. So yesterday I wasn't home alone, my mum was gardening outside and I saw this vision. When I saw this vision I could see a dark grey outline of a man's hunched back. The house I live in now was built around 1890, and I've lived here since I was born. I don't really know if this is any psychic ability that I can see spirits and feel what's happening next I need some advice/help please!.

3. The wired experiences at school was okay the drama room has 2 dungeons, one against the wall (it was used for costumes but the teachers took it out) and the other dungeon was on the floor. So my two friends threw a ball to the dungeon against the wall and they said it came back like someone kicked it. The dungeon in the floor I was there, so my friends lifted the top of it and there was a broken chair so my friend recorded to see what was down there. Once we saw what she recorded we played it in slow motion & saw what seemed to be a hand moving the broken chair.

The third dungeon was near the boys toilets and one of the history teachers was talking to his students that he was teaching at the time using a radio or one of those microphones or walkie-talkies and the teacher was saying how he was entering the dungeon them the connection died out. But he is still teaching now. The boys dungeon experience with the teacher happened a few years ago too.

Sorry if this is way to long but I just wanted to know is this any psychic abilities? I do believe in spirits because I'm Catholic. The high school I attended is apparently what teachers and students say something got to do with Saints.

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