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Figure Behind Me


This all happened when I was in sophomore year of high school. In my life I face experience many weird and usual things. I have delt with paranormal and demonic things with my family. To me this was not scary but has left me in questioning about this one experience. The first time I saw this figure was when I was at home at the dinning table. I was drawing and from the corner of my eye I saw shiny black shoes with a dress black pants. I turned to look but there was no one there. After that time I would always see it everywhere. I would be at school at my desk and again in the corner of my eyes I can see the figure behind. I would turn and look and no one there. This kept happening more to me to the point where I would get annoyed that I could only see the shoes and pants but not beyond that. Other times I would see it is when I would hangout with my friends and we are walking around, in the corner of my eye I could see it walking behind me too. I would always have a day where it appeared and then disappear. It never appeared in front of me or would never pass me when I was walking it always stayed next but behind me. This happened for years later. I didn't question it and just left it alone even though I can see it I just wouldn't turn around to see it anymore. It has now stop and have not seen it for a long while but I always wonder why I was able to see it while everyone else didn't see it. Why was it wearing black shiny shoes and dress pants. Why wasn't I able to see from its legs and up.

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create_inspire_me (5 stories) (146 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
I don't believe that I can answer the question as to 'why' your mysterious person wore dress shoes and pants, however, I can say that you won't be the first to experience such an occurrence.

I know that some call them shadow people. Always seen from the corner of your eye, blacked out or shadowy, sometimes more defined features, and suit like apparel are wore in some cases. Sometimes they're only partly seen.

I've heard that they're 'bad'. I've read many things but I always like to head in with a neutral head. Sometimes a shadow can be anything. Or it can even be something else. Makes sense if you think about it.

It's nothing to be frightened by, in fact fear is the last thing you'd want to have associated with them. Unless you fear threatened by them. If you do, for any feeling just for future reference, consider this:

- Why am I scared or etc? One you figure out why, for example: I'm scared because I don't know them or understand it.

-Keep asking why you feel this way. EX: I'm scared because it is something I'm not use to and it's happening often, plus it's following me.

(Fear of the unknown is in all humans. It's natural. So we tend to stay away from change or unknown confusing things so that's why I used this example.)

Just keep asking why. This will also help you out with practically everything in your life, not only metaphysical related things.

Any who, I had my own shadowed person come. But this time he had a fedora and everything, as soon as I turned to look his way he side stepped from the window to the wall. THAT, freaked me out because I couldn't see him anymore! I ran to my room but it followed and I felt hands on my legs, then I passed out. Very odd, but that was the last time I seen him and my first experience of having an entity make me pass out.

When we encounter these things, it'll usually be a once in a while encounter, one in a blue moon, often, but eventually for some of us, we do get sucked back into the everyday life of humans and we unintentionally ignore these and our experiences begin to fade and trickle down until nothing happens when it should; OR we just don't notice them.

So perhaps he still is there or he left, or you could have blinded yourself to him unintentionally/intentionally.

As for seeing things from the corner of our eyes, I've read that we see things in our peripheral vision because it's the less dominate vision (duh lol). SO that leads to things being viewed that we normally wouldn't view face on. We are less blind to energetic or non normal things there because we're not focusing on seeing how he world is 'suppose' to be in front of our eyes... Like how they say babies are able to see things, yet when they become an adult, they're learning how not to see it because it's not how the world is suppose to be.

I'm sure someone can word this better than I can, currently. It's a poor example, my apologies.

Either way, if you ever feel threatened, please do consider barriers and/or protection. Cleansing. It's usually a must for most. I tend to throw caution to wind and love up on everything around me or accidentally eat it, only because I understand how to protect myself.

But if you'd like to have things happen more often and invite them in, just relax and they'll come. Some good some bad.

Who knows what can happen when we pay a little more attention to the world we ignore every day!

Good luck and I do hope I aided you in some way. I'll try to respond if anything needs clarification. ❤

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