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Dark Figure


My family is a big Irish catholic family so there was never any talk about ghosts, aliens all that kind of stuff growing up.

I feel like I have to tell you everything from the start so you can understand what has gone on in my life.

I was 13 when I moved into my dad and his girl friend's house, all was good for the first few months until my dad and his girl friend developed a big drink and drugs problem. The vibe in the house was horrible it just felt depressing and heavy my dad and his girl friend both tried committing suicide on a number of occasions while all this went on we all used to see shadows of a dark figure in the house we would feel as though someone is watching your every move. While all this was going on I started having dreams of this dark figure coming after me telling me his was going to kill me. I would wake up with marks and scratches on my back and just feeling depressed and withdrawn. I had blown all ties at this moment with my mom so moving back to hers wasn't possible. This one night I was in bed it was around 10pm my dad and his girl friend had been at the pub, I heard the TV absolutely blasting so I went down stairs to ask them to turn it down as I had school in the morning but they wasn't back from pub. I turned the TV off and got back into bed about 15 minutes later the TV is on really loud again so I go downstairs see that no one is there and start to panic I remember phoning my dad and asking what time he would be back only for him to scream abuse at me screaming shouting to not interrupt him while his out not knowing at the time he had been arguing with his girl friend. A few hours later I was woken up with my name been called so I walked into my dads bedroom to ask what he wants (he was back from the pub now) he started shouting at me screaming to F**K o** etc he denied he had called me and I just went back to bed around 10 minutes later I hear my name been called again so I go back and ask what he wants thinking he was just going to say sorry but nope he starts shouting at me again telling me his not calling me. I know for a fact I wasn't hearing things my name was been called out but I was starting to doubt myself. I got my self back to bed anyway and started hearing foot steps like loud stomping my door opens really slowly and with this tall dark figure just standing there slowing starting to walk towards me I didn't want to get up and didn't know what to do but I jumped out of bed and ran into my dads room completely broke down to him telling him what I had just seen and my dad was alright with me then he new I was making it up. After that night I just felt lonely depressed didn't want to do anything everyone around me friends and family just seemed to turn on me and wanted nothing to do with me. Although I was brought up a catholic I never truly believed in anything but I started praying just asking for help my dad was wasted everyday and his girlfriend was in hospital after cutting her wrists. I just felt I didn't belong here because I have always felt different to everyone around me never felt understood and I just thought forget all this I tried to end my life, I went from feeling like the world was falling down on me laughing my head off I felt this energy this warm presence and all the negative thoughts all went I can not properly explain what happened but ever since then I have believed in god.

Once we moved from the house everything stopped my dad stopped drinking and life started to really pick up. Fast forward a few years I started seeing this black figure and feel other things around me. I am 27 now with 3 daughters and I'm really spiritual I have meet some great people who have helped me I have meet mediums who have told me I have a glow about myself and that I can see and feel stuff with out me saying anything to them. I always feel as though I am still been watched by these figure I always feel as weird as it sounds it trys to control me when I'm going though a hard time I hear them voices again and feel it around me its like its digging the soul out of me wanting me to give up and fall into the darkness. I do a lot of meditating now to try help control my emotions de stress and relax but when I do all I see is darkness I see visions of just evil stuff I always feel depressed for no reason at all and then suddenly something a few days happens within my family friends or at work, I have spoken to people who believe in the after life and they all say they think this being has attached itself to me at the minute I am happy I am controlling my own life but I can feel it near me all the time.

Sorry if I'v bored you all but this is all true and I would really appreciate it if anyone who has or is going through the same thing to just give me some advice and guidance.

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DOdotdub1980 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-10)
They always seem to stick around during times of anxiety misery and tension. Maybe something's bugging you you're not looking closely enough into. Besides that keep the faith with the Catholic Church. And Hold your head up. Things always could be worse
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-08)
Normally for a youth in a home is covered under an umbrella by the adults. In your situation the activity of adults left you susceptible to the intruder who has been oppressing you.

Without taking a peek it seems to be a disparate soul trying to hitchhike a ride through you.

I commend you for prodding your way through.

There are a couple of ways to extract it. Can you Google Spirit release byDavidFurlong.?

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