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Am I A Psychic? Or Am I Just Imagining Things?


My name is Alexandria and I am 13 years old. I don't know if I am a psychic but I see Sparkles and tiny squiggly things the air, I see blue figures (what are those things?) Always standing next to people, I kind of see auras (it's usually yellow or blue for some reason), I get headaches sometimes, I can also see transparent landscapes when I'm outdoors or even indoors.

when I was little I used to always have very realistic dreams (like I was actually in the dream) and a lot of deja vu. I once had a dream that I was falling out of the sky and I could feel the air pressure and I couldn't breathe that good. I suddenly woke up with a jump and it actually felt like I was falling. I usually remember my dreams but as I got older, I forgot stuff easily so I never remember my dreams anymore.

I can see spirits with my naked eye. When I first saw a spirit, I was about 7 or 9 years old and I woke up in the middle of the night to find a lady floating over my bed, staring at me. I thought I was imagining it but I hid under my blanket anyways. I see outlines of figures but it's only for like a millisecond until it disappears. The outline is usually yellow but sometimes it's blue.

I see objects and symbols all around me, but I can't really make them out. I sometimes can see transparent buildings and kind of like a transparent city even when I'm indoors. I don't know if it is the spirit world or something.

Please don't kill me but I don't really believe that there's such thing as a psychic. I'm the girl that has to actually see things to believe it. I guess it's because when I was younger, I was taught that psychics were fake and often work with the devil and witchcraft. It's really confusing for me to understand about the spirit world. I grew up in a Christian family. My mom is a minister and she says god talks to her (I think she's a psychic because she can when something bad is going to happen and she's never wrong) so I was raised to believe in god and heaven. So anyways, what I don't get is that if when people die, they go to heaven, then why are people talking about the spirit world? Do spirits go to Heaven or the spirit world?

I just found out about all this stuff about psychics so I have tons of questions and I have no one to ask about it. So sorry if I'm asking all these crazy questions but I don't understand this.

I think I may have psychic powers or I may be delusional. I know I probably had it when I was little, but a few weeks ago, I stopped seeing all the paranormal objects and stuff. It wasn't until Monday, I had a huge headache and an almost fever, when I started to see them again. I had a bad headache between my eyebrows (I think my third eye was opening or something) and all of a sudden I started to see them again. Is this a faze or something?

My legs twitch often for no reason and I get chills in my back and in the back of my head often. I forget things very often. I usually get a gut feeling and it's always right. I also get sad and mad for no reason sometimes. I feel like I want to punch someone and then I just break down and start crying. I also get ringing in my ears. My phone and kindle also goes haywire when I use it.

I hope someone can answer all or most of my questions. I don't have anyone to talk to about this and I just want to find out if I'm a psychic or not. Sometimes I take quizzes to see if I am a psychic and they always come out positive. So please tell me if am psychic or if I'm just delusional. Thanks!

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Alexandria980 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-09)
EthralHeart thanks for clearing that up for me! I'm new to this stuff (I just found out about it a month ago) so I get really confused when it comes to this. So thank you so so so much 😊
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-08)
You are totally a clairvoyant. Sounds like you might be an empath. Ringing In you ears is the start of clairaudience. Usually when you hear ringing in your ears it's angels trying to communicate with you. There's a thing called earth bound spirits. Some spirits are rebels and decided they just don't want to go to heaven and like it better hanging around here on earth still. The spirit world is the nonphysical world and all its different realms, which includes heaven and the faerie realm and many other realms. It makes sense that they're are structures, cities, and homes that most people cannot see here physical. That's some powerful psychic ability you have there! You do not sound delusional at all:) your abilities actually sound more powerful than mine if you can see the homes and cities of the beings that live in them. That's so awesome!

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