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Coming Home And Hoping To Reconnect


As the tittle says, I'm coming home and hoping to reconnect and even heal. Resting. Speaking to peoples. A little about myself. Just to save people the trouble of reading this and finding out they may not be interested.


It's been a while since I've been on this site and looking around I see many new faces and a few old ones.

A little bit about me, I'm 22 years old. (Might as well spill it considering all I've done) My name is create. I go by other names but this is the one I've used on the site. I started doing psychic things for quite a long time... It's been so long. My abilities including empathy and extends into sensing and readings, my usual subconscious forte I would presume. As well as others but they're not that important right now.

I haven't venture to a bunch of websites after I decided to leave this account, but it helped me grow in many ways and held me back. I met amazing people on here whom I'm still friends with and a few I cut ties with. After meeting new people and leaving and switching between places and people I found myself at a lesser place than what I was originally at to begin with. I mourned my old self, she was so free, so powerful, vulnerable but she had the most potential that I ever saw.

This isn't a sob story. I'll get the point, please hang on.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm finding myself in a place where I don't want to be at. I don't want my passion to die out with who I was. I'm here basically to heal. I'm wounded, vulnerable and I'm unaware of how or when I will heal. However, I do know I can and will and sadly, I almost found myself letting go and forgetting this amazing psychic world that I've been blessed to see.

Don't tell me what I need to do, or where I need to go, or that I need cleansing, archangels etc lol No offense to anyone <3 I'm here with love. Cautious and perhaps paranoid love lol But it's positive nonetheless. Might even be sending out a beacon right now XD

I'm here to find myself and my old self use to heal people. Speak to people. She use to glow so brightly and I'm here to re-achieve that. I feel like I have grown so much but my growth means nothing if my pains keep me at bay.

I'd love to get to know some people. I do offer readings, cards and energy, etc however they'll be limited right now. Perhaps we can also chat and I intend on helping out more in the future here.

I'm writing this because I'll be a momentum I can look back to, or just in case coincidences happen:) I'm a firm believer in that, 'everything happens for a reason'.

Thank you for your time reading this.


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Illumin (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
Hello Lyro,

I am sure she will pop in again. I have seen the others pop in time to time under other names as well. So maybe they will say something here as well. I think a reunion of sorts would be somewhat fun. Lili and I talk time to time. If you want to talk to her she still answers her profile's email time to time. But you might have to wait a couple of months.

As for Create, I just hope she didn't actual go to Arizona on all of the foolishness back then. It was never a reason to leave your family behind.

Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
Well Illumin you let me know this post existed, I missed it, and it's kind of old now from 2016. I haven't talked to her in quite a long time, but I can honestly say I miss her too. When we were talking years ago she was really an amazing person, I got to be close with her, and I'd say we both grew in knowing each other then. I hope she did come back and continued with everything, and I hope she's still doing well, even in 2019. Last we spoke was back in 2015, I'll see if she even remembers me, but from what it looks like she's still doing well so that's good:)
Illumin (guest)
5 years ago (2018-09-02)
Hello create_inspire_me,

I believe your story shows how we all grow with time and our choices in life. Whether in the end they lead us to pain or joy or for that matter both, they craft us, they show us our dreams, our passions, and even a fate of our own making. My question for you is what is your true passion? Was it truly having potential or seeking answers to the unknown? I will tell you there are always answers to be found, and perfected, you simply have to look and ask why.

Anyway, I know this is old, but maybe in some sense this will find you, if not someone else in need. For all we have in the end is ourselves, our passions and our fate.


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