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Returning Home


I begin by elaborating that death is not a foreign concept to me as I have lost nearly every family member with the exception of my siblings. At the age of 36 I lost the love I loved the most my boyfriend Adam. Since I was a child I would stand at the top of the driveway of my residence and literally cry to "Go home." After my mother passed when I was eight I became obsessed with understanding what exists after this life. I would spend hours trying to comprehend exactly what to expect when it was my time to depart from my earthly bounds. At the age of 30, I lost my father and I just became angry, however, it was then that I began to notice my "experiences." I had always noticed odd occurrences as an adolescent, but to calm my nerves I would always rationalize each event. My home was essentially haunted by a young child and a teenage boy. The many events that took place were never malicious, but I never chose to willing stay home alone.

At the age of 36, my boyfriend died from a seizure that ultimately weakened his heart and he went into cardiac arrest. It was just he and I in the home and I could not be convinced that there was nothing more I could have done to save him. At first, I didn't feel him and my dreams consisted of him cheating. It appeared he was angry at me or at least I felt so at the time. However, it was not long before I began to hear him calling my name or electrical appliances malfunctioning then properly working within minutes. One night I was wide awake on my sister's couch (I stayed with her briefly to grieve) when I suddenly was in a warm, extremely comforting environment. It was quite bright, but not in a blinding sense. It was then that Adam appeared with his arm around me assuring me that it was all "Okay."

I have physically seen and spoken to him on several different occasions.

The time spent is minimal and we can only converse a few words each appearance. I researched and learned that if I do not cry as I have the first two times we can communicate more substantially.

I keep salt rocks and salt lamps throughout my apartment as I have learned this encourages the ability to somewhat coexist with what seems to be another realm. Adam is as full bodied as you and I and always seems to be smiling. I have learned that he was not, in fact, ready to pass. There is so much I wish to elaborate on as I know that I have been given a gift. This gift has afforded me while still massively grieving the understanding that life does continue beyond what we know here.

Thank You for letting me reveal just a fraction of what I know my abilities to be.

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