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I'm Not Imagining These Events


The first time that I remember experiencing something supernatural was approximately 10 years ago. My grandfather passed away in December 1997-- my senior year in High School. He was the strongest father-figure that I have ever had. The experience that occurred happened probably a year after his passing. I was at my grandparents' house, helping my grandmother fix her telephone. My aunt was there, as well. My grandmother was kind of swaying side to side, and the way that their house is laid out. There is a hallway that leads from the living room (where I was fixing the phone) which went into the kitchen.

My grandfather towards the end of his life, spent time in his pajamas. They were light blue in color. He was always such a strong and magnificently wonderful man. He was in WWII, serving in the Navy. He was diagnosed with many dementia-type diseases towards the end of his life (I would say at least 5 years). I was the closest grandchild to him. My mother was a single mom in my early childhood years, so I would spend my days at their house, and after I went into elementary school, my grandmother would pick me up from school and keep me there until my mother got off of work. Getting back to the hallway/phone incident. I was fixing the phone, nothing major, just helping her. My aunt was to the right of me, my grandmother to the left (which left a gap in between the two of them that led to the end of the hall at the very end of the kitchen). Well, my grandmother started swaying side to side. I noticed to HER left my grandfather's figure at the end of the hall-- he was in his blue pajamas. She did it one more time, swaying that is. I saw him one more time. I just stopped and had a certain look on my face that prompted my aunt to ask what was wrong. I just replied, "I saw Papaw." She didn't find it amusing, as he only recently passed away. But I did see his figure. I wasn't on any kind of drugs or alcohol that may have impaired my judgment/vision. After that one occasion, I didn't see my Papaw anymore.

On October 22, 2002, my first boyfriend died in a car accident. We weren't together at the time, but he was very close to my family. In 2000 (New Year's Day), he had a seizure. His mother came by the next day to check on him because he was supposed to call her. She found him in his house, on the floor, and his tongue was almost bitten off. They discovered that he had a malignant brain tumor. This was extremely bad news-- the doctors didn't have much hope for his surviving. He did though. He went to Gainesville and had some new procedure done where they put a chip in his brain. The procedure worked. He was clear of the tumors. Everyone was happy to say the least. But, after almost 3 years of him having the seizure, he was riding with his family and involved in a car accident. Kris died instantly on impact. His grandmother was ejected from the car. They both died. After all of this happened, I felt his spirit around me. I would feel him riding in the car with me, especially when I was driving over the bridge. I started writing about these events in my creative writing class in school- a poem dedicated to him.

Moving on to 2006. My boyfriend and I moved to North Carolina from Florida. We rented an apartment in a decent community. After a few months, I started to feel VERY uncomfortable. It seemed to have some activity in it. I noticed about 6 or so months later that I would start to see black smoke moving from our bathroom into our bedroom. My boyfriend also said that he thought he had seen something like what I was describing. We decided to move away from that apartment in 2008. We moved to a brand new apartment complex that had a great spirit about it. I felt safe. No experiences whatsoever. Until recently. October 22, 2009, I was going to pick up my friend so that she could get her car repaired. When I got into my car, locked the doors (which I always do), turned it on... Within I'd say 10-20 seconds, the interior lights started blinking saying that my door was ajar. The door was closed, locked. I didn't think too much of it. I picked up my friend from the car repair shop, and when we got into the car, the same thing happened again after 20 seconds or so. It continued to happen until I got back to my apartment. Later that night, around 8:00, my car alarm went off. It scared me, as none of these events have EVER occurred. At 9:00 approximately, the car alarm went off again.

10/22/02 was when he was killed in his car accident. Seven years later to the date, this happened to me. The car seemed to be okay after that day... Until 10/28/09. Kris and I met on 10/28/95. That day, the lights and alarm in the car started doing the same thing. It got to the point (both times) that I had to go and turn the interior light to "off" instead of "door." I didn't want the battery to die because even after I set the alarm to off, the interior light remained ON. These dates and incidents (could be purely coincidental) started to get to me. I wasn't scared, but it was starting to consume me (and scaring my current boyfriend at the same time). I haven't been able to leave my house other than driving to the grocery store which is within a mile of the apartments. I have withdrawn from friends, abandoning them, bailing out of events that we had previously planned. I feel like Kris is trying to tell me something.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences like I have had. I need to know what to do. I am not scared of Kris, he was a very gentle and genuine person. Could some of you out there please help me get closure to everything going on? I am ready to live a normal life, without supernatural/ghosts appearing. I have always had a "gift" of drawing spirits towards me. I have experienced many orbs in photos.

Please, if anyone has any advice or similar situations, let me know what you have done to deal with what is going on. It would be greatly appreciated.

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lilaznfool916 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
you have girts. I would make good use of them like tryna help out families with angered spirits. I would want to motivate you to keep this from changing your current life. A gift is something brought to you for a great purpose. Not to worry you in any way

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