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Is It A Coincidence Or Is There More To This?


I really don't know how or where to start in explaining my situation with my daughter. She is 11 years old and has told me she sees dead people. When she was younger than a year old, she used to always point to the ceiling esp. In the corners and we would joke that she was seeing things. I never imagined to come true. At 1 1/2 she started having seizures so we assumed all this time it was her condition. Does anyone know if there is a connection? There have been several times when a stranger comes up to us and tell me that she has a third eye. This could be at a store or mall. I usually shrug my shoulders and say oh really.

I also took her to a Sylvia Browne viewing and her staff paid very much attention to my daughter. When it was her turn to get an autograph, her staff touched Sylvia on her shoulder. Then, Sylvia gazed into her eyes for a while touched her hand and nodded while smiling at her. When it was my turn... She didn't even look up just signed my book. Also, the other psychicsat her show, Collette, also paid attention to my daughter and talked to her for a few minutes. She turned to me and said she was going to be lucky in life and love. I told her thanks but she was just 9 years old at the time. Her staff urged me to buy some Angel cards for my daughter and said that was the best for her. My daughter loves them and uses them frequently for questions.

My daughter sees shadows, spirits as she calls them. She hears voices. She scares me at times when she says someone is watching us or he's behind you. I don't know how to help her and sometimes I question her. Is that wrong? It's been about 3 years since we actually started paying attention to her. The reason was her teacher came to me and asked me if my daughter could see things. I told her she claims to but not sure. Her teacher said she sometimes stares behind me like if someone is there or she stares into the hallway and then goes to check like if something is passing by. So after that I started paying attention to her. Well, then she started opening up to me about the stuff she would see.

How do I know for sure? I am tempted to schedule something with someone who works with psychic children to verify her or my suspicions. How do I help her or test her? Or can someone tell me if this is true? Is it a psychic gift or Mediumship? Or something coincidental? I have more stories to share about my experience as her mother... Oh one more thing... I have noticed that she can say things that can be right, but a few have been's like if she's in that state or channel its true but once she loses connection it's not right. Is that normal?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-12)
Many children, and especially babies can see spirits. In church, me and my friends have seen infants, pointing to the ceiling and laughing... And the ceiling has no paintings on it or anything special to see! They see the Holy Angels, that are in the church during mass, LOLOL!
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-05)
I'm only 13, just to let you know, and I do not have a child, but I can't tell any adults besides my Nana about my abilites in my family, because they'll think I'm mental. Trust me when I say, it sucks. To the ultimate. I can't tell my Aunt, Dad, Mom, no one. My little sister knows about my gifts, but I think she reads minds, without realizing it.
My Nana is a little psychic so she understands the feelings that come with the whole having a gift thing.
My only advice would to just go along with it, and try to get her comfortable with it.
Best of luck:)
123hope123 (8 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-04)
Hey everyone!
I just wanted to say cmdaisy that I have seen spirits too and I told my mom the exact thing! So do belieeve your daughter they wll not make things up! And always remember it can be kind of scary to see something no one else can but after a while you will get used to it!
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-04)
cmdaisy... Seeking verification of your daughters abilities may be the wrong road to take. There are lots of people ready to exploit and use you and your daughter. In my little opinion I would continue to build up the Mother Daughter trust and communication. In time if not already it will be obvious that she has an ability and will be older and better able to handle everything that comes with psychic abilities. Also it gives you time for someone who you both can totally trust to come into your lives and help explain and or help develop these abilities if needed.
scorpio88 (3 stories) (34 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
okay, I am not all that educated in psychic abilities or mediumship. However I am 20 years old and can very clearly remember not being able to share my experiences with my parents. So today instead of knowing who or what I am, I'm still questioning things now that I'm old enough to do it on my own. I think that is great that you love your daughter so much that you are willing to go to these lengths to help her. My advice is to just listen to her, and taking her to a professional can only help both of you with understanding.
cmdaisy (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
Thank you so much for explaining some of this to me. On the part of the third eye... People have came up to her while we were walking at the stores, mall and even at the flea market to tell me she has third eye. They come to touch her on the forehead. She has even received gifts from strangers and tell her that she has a gift. I was at the pharmacy and this lady came up to us and handed her a rose. I told her "No that's ok I can buy it for her" and she said "No take it please. It's a gift from me." She kind of knelt down and was crying. I was shocked and kept insisting that it was fine. She even handed me the receipt just in case I didn't believe her. She has received budha necklaces and a quarts necklace from vendors at the mall and at nail salons. This is all new to me for the last couple of years. She is my only daughter so I don't know what it is to have another child or to compare her to someone. Is this normal? How true can I say the psychic test are on the internet, because on this website she has taken them and they do say she has a psychic gift. She took some last night and it just surprises me. I freak out when I see the results so I don't let her take them anymore or let her get on them unless I'm watching her. Thank you so much for responding. It seems you have a lot of knowledge on this type of situation.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
This is a very sensitive subject and should always be dealt with carefully. Not only on your part but those of us here who want to comment. Giving advice to a parent on a subject such as this should be done with the care.

The good news is that you're not alone in having a child that seems gifted. In fact, this is the very age when children are most gifted. They tend to grow out of it if they are chastised or ignored all together. I have a girlfriend whose little boy has out-of-body experiences (he's about 5) and she listens with patience and acceptance and just let's him have the experience and the ability to share it. She doesn't overload him with information because he's too young but as he matures, so may their dialect about the events.

The things that your daughter wouldn't normally know about, like the third eye, would suggest this could be a reality for her. However, where did she hear the term "third eye" because all the third eye is, is an energy vortex (it doesn't look like an eye, just behaves like one). So I'd ask her about that. The internet is amazing. She may have picked that up there.

As for being wrong, well, she is still very young. We (you, me or anyone else who isn't with her and having the same psychic visions) cannot know for certain what she is seeing or how real it is. It's also hard to prove something you're rather not a part of.

Receiving singular attention from those women at the book signing isn't that surprising because a child is precious and it's not abnormal for them to treat her as the special child she, as any child, is but unless they flat out said she was psychic then it was probably more seeing her future, not her current ability.

Now "shadows" are reported so frequently that I'm inclined to believe that this is real. That's often how these spirits are seen (folks call them "shadow people"). It's claimed this way by thousands of people and from all over the world.

It sounds to me like the emphasis is on her being more a medium than a psychic but only you can attest to if she's seeing more spirits than say, knowing where the keys are, or what will happen in the future.

I think what's important here is that you love your daughter and you have built up trust with her. If she says with determination that she is seeing things, I would support her. It is a very short trip down the path to shut down the communication line. You can certainly take her to a reputable psychic (or medium) and try and uncover more details and confirmations.

Hope this helps,
Eclecticraven - at -

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