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Possible Precogitive Empath?


My friends and family know me to be dreamy and quiet at times. As a young child I did not speak and avoided speaking at all costs. Since childhood I have always become carried away by my thoughts. In night and day time I dreamt. At four years old I sensed and then persistently dreamt that my parents would part ways, despite there being no signs. I knew exactly what would happen and I knew the exact circumstances (poverty, no Christmas presents).

I have sensed lots of little things less important than the above throughout childhood, and never thought anything of it.

Throughout early teenage years I had injuries to the head and seizure-like fits.

But then at the beginning of the year I could smell death, as I was in an A+E waiting area with my elderly mother, and one of her clients (she is a psychotherapist). He was an alcoholic with problems in his stomach that night. Everyone knew him by his beautiful crystal patterned eyes, and not only was he a client of my mothers, but a friend of mine. I assumed that my mother (who was suffering from a severe gallstone and liver problems) would die. All three of us huddled together in understaffed and busy A+E area. I cannot quite describe the feeling fully, but at that point I felt a strong energy. When the Drs sent me home I sensed death. My mother did not die but her client, my friend, six weeks later.

On the night of his death I lay awake at night crying (for reason I did not realize until next morning when the news was broke).

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