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My Experiences Obtained Over The Years


My name is Christina Berry and I guess I am what people would describe as an empath. I have no idea whatsoever if I have any psychic abilities at all. But in addition, I feel the emotions of others in objects. I don't like to pass by funeral homes when someone has just died because I feel a great outpouring of grief. The worst feelings come when it is a younger person or a child that has passed. I feel at times linked to others I'm close to, in emotions, even if I'm not within direct contact physically with them. The hardest feeling is going into a house/home and feeling a very real, very negative presence there and it has nothing to do with the house condition. I have had this happen in a few houses, some basements, some bathrooms. I have been told that there were houses that were in a fire and was told one of them, but identified the other merely by feeling and nothing to do with outward appearance. I have felt car accidents before they occur and try to warn others to no avail. For example: my freshmen year of high school. It was a January morning, the 13th, and we were late for school. My sister didn't scrape all of the windows, she mainly did it so she could see. We drove past an old schoolhouse that led up to the school, but she didn't turn this time. I had the feeling in the pit of my stomach and told her to turn around, go down the other road. She refused. 2 minutes later, we were passed at an intersection and hit by a man who claimed she was turning right. I took off the metal handle that rolls the window up and down. If I hadn't been sitting in the middle I would have been thrown through the window, not just into. I can't explain this at all, I just needed to share. Thank you for reading.

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