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A Bright Blue Ectoplasm Totally Freaked Me Out


First of all, I'll describe my life a bit because there might have a meaning behind all this and it can maybe help me to get an answer.

I'm a 27 years old man that has felt and experienced strange things at night. When I was younger, from... Around the age of 10 to 15, I've experienced a lot of astral travels. I could literally feel myself floating out of my body and every time before waking up, I had this strange feeling of how free falling with me heart debating as crazy. At that time, it really scared me to feel these things and no one in my family would or try or help me understand. Afterwards, I've had a rough time in life. My dad was an alcoholic that was never there when I was a child and I started to smoke drugs on a regular basis instead of drinking like my father, feeling that at least I wasn't like him. My mother died when I was 20, and my consummation got even worst after that. During this period, I could never remember my dreams and never experienced anything else even though I've always considered myself as a spiritual person.

3 Years ago, I bought a house with my new girlfriend that has child. At first, we both loved the house and felt great in it. However, as time passed by, I was starting to feel a VERY negative energy in here. I didn't stop smoking completely, but at least it wasn't as abusive as before and my girlfriend didn't mind it much as It was occasional like most people that drinks beer once in a while. However, as time passed by, my girlfriend couldn't even recognize me anymore and I REALLY felt like I couldn't change or ''break the cycle'', as if something controlled me partially. Our relationship deteriorated day after day no matter what I did or said until my girlfriend left the house and broke-up a month ago. That's when I stopped totally consuming anything and still haven't since then. After, I started remembering my dreams once again and started to be a lot more sensitive to things that surrounds me, and I could finally breathe again as if 200pounds were off my shoulders.

The last owner had break-up with his girlfriend in here before we bought the house. After asking neighbors, 2 other couples that lived before went through the same situation. We've experienced a lot of weird stuff in here when we lived together so I'll type the ones that comes to my mind.

First, we can hear a lot of the time clear footsteps when no one is even there.

I have a dog that's very calm, but it freaks out for no reason from time to time, and it even seems to get hit sometimes as it moans looking at itself.

My girlfriend's child once asked me ''is the guy standing in my room will ever steal my toys?'' and it happened a few time to him that he seemed to have a seizure, but that never happened to his dad's house.

A few times while laying on bed, both me and my girlfriend felt the mattress compress clearly as if someone just sit near our legs, and then got up 10seconds after.

I've noticed footsteps on the wall that's above our head when we sleep, and neither of us has a print that is near from matching it and neither of us are flexible enough to put our feet there.

During night time, we can see some normal light in our room but then suddenly, it happens very often that I could feel a dark presence in our room and then the room becomes total darkness as if something or someone floats upon us and blocks the light which scared us both a lot.

From time to time, we could hear the dishes making noises in the kitchen when everyone was in bed.

We've always had the impression that we weren't alone in here as too many were happening and couldn't be explained with any rational analysis.

That's what leads me to last night. My ex-girlfriend came back here to sleep in her child's bed as it's still her house after all. I had a hard time sleeping and I was waking up every hour for no apparent reason. At around 4am, I woke up and even if my eye lids were closed, I could feel and see that something bright was in the hallway (my door was open). Then, I opened up my eyes and saw something I never thought I would see. It was a VERY bright blue ectoplasm that had the form and height of a human. However, the eyes and mouth weren't shaped as a human, at all, and were glowing as bright as the blue but were red-orange'ish. I totally freaked out when I saw '' it's face'' and it disappeared after staring at me for maybe 5 seconds. After that, I just couldn't sleep at all.

I'd never thought I would be writting a story like that to get help. I've always tried to find rational explanations to everything that happens. If anyone can help me understand what is going on in this house or lived something similar, i'd really like to hear about it.

Thank you,


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