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Am I Connected With Spirits?


I have been reading a lot of things and nothing seems to really help so this was my best option. For about 2 years now I feel like I know when there's someone in the room with me. Very often I just automatically know and don't really feel anything at all and sometimes I will get a tingling feeling but that doesn't seem to be very often. It is stronger more than ever now and I am getting the feeling very often. It is mainly in places that I go everyday eg my factory at work it is behind the shop I work in and have to go in there regularly when no one else is in there because the toilet is in there. And as soon as I get in there I get the feeling that I'm being watched and that there is people there with me... Don't know if this is relevant but I have never seen a ghost but when I sense someone it's like I know what they look like and I know whether its a man woman or child, I don't know if that's just my imagination?

I also get the feeling in my flat but only in one room, I have always been freaked out by my spare bedroom and don't like being in there for long because I feel like the atmosphere is heavy in there and it just feels like a really negative place to be for some reason.

A few months ago I had a a very vivid dream where I was lying on my bed and the room went black and I was unable to move or speak and I started spinning out and hovering above my bed/body and an evil presence was trying to take me or tell me something, I couldn't see her but I knew she was a woman and could tell you what she looked like even though she wasn't actually in my dream? And then I just woke up. This dream happened in the morning after my boyfriend went to work, I don't recall falling asleep so it freaked me out. And I don't know if it's just a coincidence but when my boyfriends friend stayed round he had a dream about a woman who was watching us sleep in my flat, freaked me out.

Does anyone know what all this could be? I'm very very interested so if anyone can help then please do.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-28)
Intuition is misleading.

You might get a twisting in your stomach in regards to a good person.

It could be that the good person/ spirit, which is a good person or spirit, with good intentions, will end up having a negative impact on your life.

Empathically, any misgivings or nervousness the other person or spirit has can manifest into that feeling in your gut.
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-28)
You just described whathappens whrn I see a ghost my stomach will feel wierd if its good it will be as you described it if its bad I get a piercing pain in my stomach
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
Mediums also will tell you what they think you should know, or what whatever spirit they think thinks you should know.

No, I don't know why you specifically are able to do what you can.

Yes, everyone is psychic, wether they realize it or not.

So, to me, asking "why me?" is like a person that can run a little bit faster than everyone else asking "why can I run so fast?"

There's no romantic, stars aligning thing to it.

It's something you have right now, and it's something you can lose if you don't practice with it.

That's just how it is.

Hopefully that is more direct.
vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
If I was you I would be all to someone that knows more about what your talking about because I don't believe that hat MRE knows what your wanting to know. For me I say find a medium that is close to you and talk to them to they would tell you more of what you want to know

For my thoughts of your storie if you are really wanting to learn more of what you are as for being a medium this is the beginning of it one thing MRE said meditate daily and it will help out alot
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
The why is not a quetion that any human could really truly give you a answer to.

Simply put, as it seems to me, human beings are built to receive and process information, be it phsyical or spiritual.

Furthermore, there are theories that believe there will be ages of awaking, and that, towards the end times of whatever modern prophecy there is, seems to be a believe that more and more people will awaken spiritually.

It seems to me that more and more people are coming forward with psychic thoughts and experiences.

One reason why it may seem that way to me is becaue of the advent of the internet.
Another reason might be the atmosphere of tolerance I have grown up in, and others in my generation have grown up in.
So, rather than hide and force these experiences into oblivion, they get shared.

Towards that end, in asking "why me?," you could also begin questioning why you were born with two legs, two arms, a head, a heart... Why you don't have two heads, or 11 fingers, or why your brain doesn't think in the same fashion that everyone elses does, why some people enjoy cold, and others enjoy heat... Or why you were even born as a human being to begin with.

SO, in short, the "why" isn't so important as the "is," and finding a way to be at peace with what is.
Now, I do understand that part of being at peace with what is often involves the why of it.
But the why is so complex that, in understanding it, you lose connection with what is.

So, my suggestion would be to enjoy the is while you can, and when pieces of the why present themselves, take the time to fit the piece into the big picture.
It won't be a immediate answer, and will take time to find... But that's the best answer I have for it.

It's good to talk to a person to help gain perspective on this.

I would also recommend reading the bible. There is much wisdom in the book.
paigeclarke95 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
Thanks so much for your reply!

I wanted to know why me? Does everyone feel like this or just some people?

I am not scared by this, only at night, I am very interested in all things spiritual, but I don't like to think that they could hurt me, they couldn't could they?

I believe they are definitely there, But most of the time I sense positive things, only certain places and few times have I felt negativity or anything "evil".

All I would like to know is why me?

I have been talking to a very talented medium, she is very good and is helping me understand a lot.

Thanks again
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-17)
As far as the "paranoia" goes, yes, that is a type of sensitivity.
The thing is, we share the world with both spirits, and animals.
Truth be told, there are possibly a shocking number of animals that live in close proximity to you that you don't even know about.

Now, I know there are people that say spirits don't belong on this plane and all that.
Honestly, I don't know about that.

What I do know, is that they are here, and the fact that they are here, gives them just as much right to be here as anyone or anything else, as I see it.

They simply survive in a different way than beings of the flesh do.

So, in regards to the paranoia, meditate, and balance your emotions.
Don't treat spirits like pets or children. Just leave them to their thing, as long as they don't bug you.

In the case of the out-of-body experience, and the feel of attack from the one being... That is worrisome.

Most likely, it is feeding off your chaotic emotions a bit.
Hopefully, working on meditating, and especially shielding, will help in regards to that.

Don't provoke the spirit.

If you feel like it's getting out of control, seek a spiritual expert in the area that you feel you can trust.

If the person tried to charge you thousands of dollars for some crazy mumbo jumbo, I would say, off hand, to not trust them.

If that is the worst that happened... It's hard to say if it's a bad scenerio or not.
In one case, it might just be a vision in regards to the spirit, and frustation it is feeling.

In another case, it might be something less plesant that thought it could waltz in and walk away with your soul.

There is a place called the shadowlands. Your soul can do there without your body. Your body will continue to function while your soul is gone, but it will be like a shell of you.

It's not possession... It's more of abduction.

There are also people that can put you in the shadowlands. They are not plesant people.

Anything more regarding that, other than it exists, and it's not fun, and you don't want to go there, is beyond my realm of experience.

So ye, if you feel like things are taking a turn for the worse, or if you feel like it's already gone bad enough, you should seek a spiritual expert in your area... I would suggest a pastor at church (I personally am a man of God, the God of the jews. He is always the one I seek out)... And talk to them.

And who knows, maybe it is nothing. Try not to get worked up if there is no reason to get worked up.

Hope that helps.
God bless, and be well.

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