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Strange Things I Might Be Doing?


This may be stupid, but I'm a little bit perturbed by recent occurrences.

I guess it started a few months ago, when my father collapsed from a near-fatal heart attack. It was the thirteenth of December (coincidentally!) so the run-up to Christmas (most of which was spent in a specialized cardiac hospital). It was a mess - my mother and siblings (eleven and thirteen at the time) were emotional wrecks and everyone was worried. Because my father works for a foreign company, we didn't manage to contact them and thus we didn't receive a pay-check. It looked as though Christmas would be ruined - I didn't want to tell my friends and we've got a strong history of present-sharing so it looked as though I wouldn't be able to get them presents. I was scared they'd hate me, and I bunked off school for a few days.

Here's where the creepy thing happened. I remember very clearly thinking to myself "if nothing happens, everything's going to get ruined. If nothing happens it's going to be the worst Christmas ever. We need money. We need money."

And then: the next day, through the post, we get a letter. It turns out we were randomly selected for a cash-prize, out of thousands of other people, just because my mom shopped at this one place this one time. $800 was enough to cover Christmas, and presents for my friends.

Since then, I've been diagnosed with my dad's heart condition and it's important for me to stay calm and relaxed or risk a cardiac arrest (it's a form of congenital heart defect - I'm not sure about the details). Keep blood pressure low, etc. Etc.

To stay calm, I listen to music on the bus. This is probably going to seem inconsequential, but I've realized that something happened. I get on at one stop and my friend gets on ten minutes later (the journey is 40 minutes in total).

One morning last week, I'd had a really stressful morning. Just as we were pulling up to her stop, I thought to myself, "God I hope she doesn't get on. I just want to relax."

And she didn't. She's never missed the bus before, never NOT been on. I was super surprised.

And today it happened again on the way back on the bus. I walk home with a younger girl and I just really wanted to walk home by myself. And then she got off at an earlier stop - saying that her friend had suddenly invited her home a few minutes ago and she'd said yes.

And just when I got home, I suddenly discovered this website - not even by typing "psychic" or anything unusual, just surfing the internet and clicking a link which led to a story on here.

So - here's my question. Is it possible I'm exercising a small amount of control over certain events? It's only when it looks like my health's in danger or I'm seriously worried about something. Because only a few things have happened, it's most likely coincidence - but out of interest, do you think it could be possible?

Sorry for this super long article!

- Aliza xx

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-18)
Some have call the ability to create what we need or desire: Faith, Meditation, Visualation, Sympathetic magick, plus a few other names.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-15)
Yes, it's possible that spirits are influencing events.

Sometimes they aremore direct, and sometimes not.

I was in a wreck once, and I remember, when the other car hit me, that I physically felt a sort of bubble around myself. I felt pressure from the bubble as it resisted the impact.

I Don't think it was something I did.

In the same respect, spirits are political. They will give you protection one day, and offer you up another day.

Now, in coming to a site like this, it could be that you are being protected, until you better understand how to balance your emotions and school your thoughts.

For example, you are using music as a way to calm yourself. The problem is that you are creating a habit of relying on music... If you ever get in a situation where you CAN'T listen to music, you will get stressed.
You need to find a way to broaden it... Where it's not a small window of events that you can find peace in.

It seems like, from your description of the bus, that you are still in high school. If that's the case, it might be some time before you are in a place to really get things figured out.

My suggestion is to try meditation. Practice it, without music, until you get good enough to do it while you are talking and interacting with people.

Another word of caution... Things like "I wish she wouldn't get on the bus today..." tap into your karmic battery. You might be able to get away with it a few times.
Until you get to where you owe too much karma.

Furthermore, assuming it's not just intuition you're tapping into, you aren't the only person ableto do such things.
What happens when two people with such abilities wish things on each other?
It gets hairy quickly.

In any case, stay calm, be well, and God bless.

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