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I See Spirits Of People


Most of the time when I see spirits of those I have known, it is like I feel they are very much at peace happy. It is not often I see spirits that are not familiar to me.

First about a couple I had met through a friend approximately once a week we would go to there house for dinner bible time sing and worship. It was probably the second time I was there: while eating dinner and talking an older couple (spirits) stood next to the lady of the house. I froze I try not to look but you can not help it. They (spirits) had a baby wrapped in a pink blanket all I could see of the baby was she had thick black hair on her head. I say her because the pink blanket.

The man was holding her and he kept looking at me and putting the baby in front of the hostess. The woman spirit was kind of hiding behind the male spirit but looking around at me. She had this look and I could almost feel her wondering " can she really see us?"

this night I said nothing. I did not know them enough and did not want a negative reaction. But for a couple weeks it would not go away. I prayed on it over and over again. Truth is I still have fear of what God allows and does not.

finally after talking to my friend she said go for it. (note the hostess is pregnant at this time). I told them what I had seen (crying the whole time. Fear of them thinking I was crazy).

it turned out that a year before she had gone into early labor and they lost their little girl.

The father was more wanting to know if I thought they were giving them back their first daughter. I had to say I was trying to tune them out I do not know that. It could have been they just wanted you to know she was safe. I am assuming with family. (felt grandparent figures)

How ever the hostess did not want to be involved any further so I was not able to look at pictures so they could see who they were.

I have never spoken to spirits, again fear of God not approving.

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