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Dream Of Older Couple I Used To Know


I was standing in a drive way. The garage door opened, a small red car pulled out. It was evening. The car left. Now I was in the garage, door closed. Felt fear as if some one dangerous was around. I noticed a draped window, but a portion of it did not cover the window. A helicopter searching for a man (just knew this) but the helicopter did not really exist (I knew it meant some one being searched for). I noticed bars on window and knew others had bars. But something said 1 window was not secure. Now standing in the kitchen with a couple 70's. I see the man clearly but only see the woman's hair. He looked at her with such love, and she was playful and laughing. I could feel he was not healthy (felt bad heart). I felt like a child was in a room sleeping. I kept feeling a panic the window in the child's room was not secure. Suddenly a sound the woman ran the man grabbed a phone. I was saying NO! Don't go there. It was odd cause suddenly the man saw me and said with a smile "Laura knows".

Then I was in the hall way looking at this other man. His hand on the wall. Standing over the woman (I believe to be dead). Now I am back in kitchen family room the man who is familiar is laying on the floor.

I woke up.

It was not until weeks later while in prayer, I realized who they were. A couple I stayed with for a short time when I was 15.

I know when I had moved they had moved to Washington. Now I do not know if they stayed there.

Dream was Jan 2014, I have tried searching, search is not my strong point. So I have no proof other than-dreams and visions happen differently than say a normal dream.

How do you find out, how do you look, most of all when you find it to be true-who do you go to?

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hollyisanempath (1 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-12)
Did your dream come true? It's hard to say this is a clairvoyant experience if the dream didn't predict anything.

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